1. Nadiya's Bake me a Story, Hodder Children, £14.99 Gold Winner MFM Awards

Nadiya's Bake me a Story is a unique and wonderful way to introduce your children to baking through the power of story telling.


The cook book, written by the British Bake Off Winner, is interwoven with classical stories, all of which have a simple twist connecting them to a recipe, which you can bake, make and enjoy with all the family - perhaps, whilst re-reading the story together all over again.

This inspiring book, filled will pictures of Nadiya's children, brightly coloured story illustrations and images of the recipes will bring cooking and baking into the heart of family life. A real hit with our judges, mums and children.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about Nadiya's Bake me a Story:

"A unique idea to mix stories and cooking - love the mixed up children's stories to inspire an interest in food. Yummy sounding recipes too - a great family cookbook." Magda, mum of 2

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"Nice alternative stories interspersed with easy-ish recipes, certainly a great way to get kids interested in cooking." Hazelann, Editor MFM

2. Ella's Kitchen, First Foods Book, Hamlyn, £14.99 Silver Winner MFM Awards

For new mums the prospect of weaning can be an unknown and terrifying thought, however, the First Foods Book, from Ella's Kitchen, is a great introduction into the world of weaning.

Packed with nutritious, simple and satisfying recipes - this cookery book will ensure you get your child's weaning off to a positive start. It includes a removable weaning planner, which you can pop on your fridge to help you remember what you have cooked and for you to plan meals.

The book takes you on a comprehensive weaning journey from first purees, to mashed food and beyond and is aimed at babies from six months to a year.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about Ella's Kitchen, First Foods Book:

"Good value weaning book with some great features like the pull out weaning chart. Loved some of the different recipes such as ruby red muffins - would be great for getting ideas and sparking the imagination at meal times! Yum!" Magda, mum of 2

3. Annabel Karmel's Busy Mum's Cookbook, Ebury, £20

Mixed reviews met this cookbook aimed at busymums, recipes include fast and quick ideas, like the 20 minute and 6 ingredient recipes, however there were also more complicated ingredients in some recipes including whole trout and prawns - which some of our judges did not think a busy mum would chose to cook on a weeknight after work and school!

However, there are plenty of ideas in this recipe book to suit a confident cook, including ideas for lunch boxes, snacks and more time consuming recipes involving several hours cookery time. If you enjoy cooking and looking at cookery books in bed then this book is definitely one for you.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about Annabel Karmel's Busy Mum's Cookbook:

"Very traditional looking cook book with some nice recipe ideas and simple layout with appealing images. Not sure it does what it says on the tin - some of the recipes take hours to cook, not exactly a 'Busy Mum's Cookbook' to me!" Magda, 2

"I wouldn't call this a family cookbook, more like a high end cook book for adults, most recipes you couldn't give to children, like shelled fish, exotic mushrooms and with a 4 hours 30 minutes cooking time if some recipes it's dubious to call it the busy mums cook book." Hazelann, Editor MFM

3. Nosh for busy mums & dads, £14.99

A broad, well thought out cook book that covers a wealth of recipes with features including: budget days, getting kids involved, kids parties and old classics - that should see you covered for family recipes for years to come.

One for the kitchen shelf for sure.

5. Nigella Express, Good Food Fast, Chatto & Windus, £20.00.

Nigella brings her wonderful recipes for hearty, quick and relatively healthy meals to the family table and manages to make everyone happy, full and ready to try another recipe in the process.

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