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Best free-from Easter eggs: vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free

If you're looking for delicious eggs this Easter for anyone who can't have gluten or dairy, or has a vegan diet, we've found a great (and growing) selection of fantastic free-from options

Six different vegan Easter eggs, bunnies and chicks

Shortages of free-from alternatives are now a thing of the past, with many supermarkets and chocolatiers offering a great range of vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free eggs this Easter.


We’ve got a fantastic selection of eggs available online and in-stores, from mini-mallows to caramel and sea salt, which kids (and you!) will love.

Best free-from Easter eggs at a glance

  • Best organic egg: Organic Easter Egg & Bag of Moofreesas, £5.99
  • Best budget egg: Dairyfine Free From White Choco & Strawberry Egg With Buttons, £1.99
  • Best for chocolate orange lovers: Free From Belgian Dark Chocolate & Seville Orange Egg, £4.49
  • Best dairy-free bunny: ASDA Free From Free From Choc Easter Bunny, £3
  • Best decadent egg: The Dark Golden Egg, £13
  • Best for vegan chocoholics: Extra Thick Unbelievably Vegan Easter Egg, £30
  • Best for older kids: Like No Udder Milk Chocolate Alternative Chick with Buttons, £6
  • Best white chocolate alternative: Sainsbury’s Free From Mini Mallows Egg, £4
  • Best for flavoured-choc enthusiasts: Wicked Kitchen Fruity Chocolate Egg, £5
  • Best for salted caramel fans: Buttermilk Vegan Salted Caramel Egg, £6

Best free-from Easter eggs…

1. Organic original Easter Egg & Bag of Moofreesas, £5.99

– Best organic egg

Free from: dairy, gluten, palm oil

Moo provides an amazing range of free-from eggs that are all dairy free, gluten free and vegan friendly. Better yet, they look amazing and this organic cocoa egg, with a bag of cocoa covered biscuit flavour rice balls, is sure to be a hit with both adults and children!

Available from: The Vegan KindWholesale Sweets

2. Dairyfine Free From White Choco & Strawberry Egg With Buttons, £1.99

– Best budget egg 

Free from: milk, soya, gluten

We love the look of this textured white choc and strawberry-flavoured egg, which includes pieces of freeze-dried strawberries for an extra fruity taste. It also comes with cocoa and rice based white buttons. And for £1.99, this is a lovely option for great taste at a lower price.

Available from: Aldi

3. Free From Belgian Dark Chocolate & Seville Orange Egg With Truffles, £4.49

– Best for chocolate orange lovers

Free from: milk, egg, wheat and gluten

Chocolate orange lovers needn’t miss out this year thanks to Moser Roth’s luxury Easter egg: expect Belgian dark chocolate flavoured with zesty Seville orange and freeze-dried orange pieces, paired with three dark choc orange flavoured truffles. Heavenly!
Available from: Aldi

4. Asda Free From Choc Easter Bunny, £3

– Best dairy-free bunny

Free from: dairy, gluten, milk

Full on flavour without missing out! Asda’s child-friendly, free-from chocolate bunny means your child can be included in an Easter bunny hunt.

Available from: Asda

5. The Dark Golden Egg, £13

– Best decadent egg

Free from: dairy, gluten, milk

With no artificial flavours or preservatives, you can be sure that only the freshest ingredients go into making this decadent dark golden egg, made with 60% dark chocolate, hand-painted in gold and carefully hand-decorated with cocoa butter.

Available from: Harry Specters

6. Extra Thick Unbelievably Vegan Easter Egg, £3o

– Best for vegan chocoholics

Free from: dairy

Good news: vegan chocolate can be rich and creamy too! Hotel Chocolat’s gorgeously chunky and totally plant-based Nutmilk shell is filled with vegan pralines, truffles and caramels, with popular flavours including peanut butter jelly, raspberry and salted caramel.

Available from: Hotel Chocolat

7. Like No Udder Milk Chocolate Alternative Chick with Buttons, £6

– Best for older kids

Free from: dairy

This pointy-headed lucky chick is made from Like No Udder’s organic milk chocolate alternative, which contains 23% cocoa solids – the same cocoa percentage as Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. Comes with big chocolately buttons.

Available from: Montezuma


8. Sainsbury’s Free From Mini Mallows Egg, £4

– Best white chocolate alternative 

Free from: milk and gluten

This gluten-free and milk-free choc egg is made with cocoa butter, rice powder and mini marshmallow decorations. On one side, it has white choc filled with the mallows. And at just £4, it’s good value.

Available from: Sainsbury’s

9. Wicked Kitchen Fruity Chocolate Egg, £5

– Best for flavoured-choc enthusiasts 

Free from: dairy

Fans of fruit & nut choc will love this fruity (and totally vegan) chocolate egg, where a smooth blackcurrant flavoured egg is encrusted with crispy cereal pieces and zingy raspberries.

Available from: Tesco

10. Buttermilk Vegan Salted Caramel Egg, £6

– Best for salted caramel fans 

Free from: dairy, milk, gluten

You wouldn’t believe this generously thick, salted caramel choc egg is vegan, flavoured with sea salt and crunchy caramel flakes. Plus, there’s a bag of sea salted caramel cups for extra indulgence. And all packaging is 100% recyclable or reusable.

Available from: Tesco

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