Best subscription boxes for families

Subscription boxes are all the rage now, and there are some fantastic ones that'll provide regular treats to mums-to-be, children, parents and any one who wants one


1. Geo Journey, monthly subscription box, £175 per year or £35 then £12 per month, MadeForMums Awards Gold Winner

  • Suitable for: children aged 4-10

Our gold award winner for 2018 is the lovely Geo Journey subscription, which wowed judges with its high quality and hugely enjoyable activities. The boxes are focused on education, but kids will only notice how much fun they’re having as they follow the adventures of Geo the owl and Atlas the puppy on their travels across the globe.

After they receive the first box, containing a personalised explorer kit, your little adventurer can look forward to fact-filled letters from their new friends every month. As well as news from each country Geo and Atlas visit, the packages include photos, stickers and activities, plus a themed souvenir like an Australian boomerang.

This unusual subscription is suitable for kids aged 4-10, and comes with a travel journal and passport for kids to fill in as they find each country on the map each month.

Parents will be pleased to know it has been designed in line with the National Curriculum, so can help boost your little explorer’s confidence in the classroom. And siblings can even share the subscriptions, making this a great option for the whole family.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about Geo Journey subscription:

“What an exciting subscription, combining education and fun with exceptionally high quality. The case would be a delightful gift that can be used for years, and the monthly surprise taking your child around the world is so lovely – it would be a great way to interact and engage with your child.” Mum of 2, MFM Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim

“This is a great, fun, educational pack. The letters are well written, easy to read and keep the interest of all three of my children, ages 8, 10 & 12. They were excited by the origami instructions in the Japan pack and love the boomerang from Australia. It’s a brilliant product that has kept all three children entertained and sharing for hours!” Mum of 3, Sarah


2. Bookabees, Monthly Children’s Bookclub from £4.99, MadeForMums Awards Silver Winner

  • Suitable for: children aged 0-11 years

Bookabees picks up our silver award for its innovative subscription package, which offers kids of all ages an exciting way to discover new books every month. A bit like a personalised library, the service sends 1, 3 or 5 books each month (depending on your subscription), selected especially for your child based on their preferences. You can keep the books for up to two months, and then choose to purchase them for a 50% discount, or send them back in the pre-paid packaging. Returned books are passed on to other readers to enjoy, before being given to charity.

For parents with limited space for bookshelves – or if your local library has closed – this is a great way to help kids develop a love of literature without ending up with piles of books everywhere. As well as cutting down on screen time, it’s good to know there’s a charitable donation included in the scheme.

Along with the books, each parcel comes with a range of fun, educational activities including a monthly story featuring Bookabee characters.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about Bookabees Monthly Children’s Bookclub:

“My five-year-old daughter received three books – she was so excited that the postman had brought her mail, and it had her name in big letters on front. It was nicely packaged with clear instructions on how and when to return the books. I love the idea.” Mum of 2, Kyna

“Fantastic. Loved by all four of my children, and we have recommended it to fellow parents. Books can be expensive but being able to get them delivered is so convenient and the books are just perfect. Very well thought out!” Mum of 4, Jessica


3. BKD, Mini Bakers Club, from £8.99 a month, MFM Bronze Award Winner

  • Suitable for: children aged 3-8 years

This year’s bronze winner comes in the form of BKD’s Mini Bakers Club, a creative way to keep kids entertained come rain or shine.

Each personalised box contains a fun baking and craft activity, created at BKD’s award-winning London bakery, with ideas ranging from pompom creations to cupcake caterpillars. You’ll find instructions, ingredients, and most importantly inspiration in each package.

Kids will love learning through play with these fun boxes, and they’re a great option for any occasion from dull rainy days to last-minute playdates.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about BKD Mini Bakers Club:

“Really nice idea, if a little pricey for what it actually is. The kids will be super excited to get their bake box – my eldest daughter said ‘I love it! I’d love to get more of these!’ Sweet product, and the ginger biscuits we made were blooming delicious!” Mum of 2, Danielle

“I love that it fits through the letterbox so you don’t need to be home for the delivery. My six-year-old absolutely loved it and we had lots of fun doing it together. It was great that everything we needed was pretty much in the box.” Mum of 3, Zoe


4. The Rainy Day Box Letterbox Club, from £5.99 per month

  • Suitable for: kids aged three years and above

These fun subscription boxes for kids offer a variety of themed, seasonal activities each month to keep little hands busy. There’s a minimum of three carefully packaged tasks in each parcel, along with little extras like a prize chart, reward sticker and glue tube.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about BKD Mini Bakers Club:

“Really nice idea, if a little pricey for what it actually is. The kids will be super excited to get their bake box – my eldest daughter said ‘I love it! I’d love to get more of these!’ Sweet product, and the ginger biscuits we made were blooming delicious!” Mum of 2, Danielle

“I love that it fits through the letterbox so you don’t need to be home for the delivery. My six-year-old absolutely loved it and we had lots of fun doing it together. It was great that everything we needed was pretty much in the box.” Mum of 3, Zoe


5. Trunkaroo, from £16.99 per month

  • Suitable for: kids aged 3-8 years

Trunkaroo’s monthly subscription boxes provide hands-on projects with a strong focus on

STEAM (Science, Technology Engineering, Art and Math). For kids, this means hours of fun and learning, while parents will love the fact everything they’ll need is included in the box.


6. Project B Pregnancy Wellbeing Subscription, £16.99 per month

  • Suitable for: mums-to-be

Whether you’re counting down the days till you due date, or savouring every moment of your pregnancy journey, Project-B’s subscription service is a lovely way to pamper yourself while you await your little one’s arrival.

The monthly boxes are tailored to each stage of your pregnancy, with around five products such as bath oil, snacks and skin-kind washing powder. There’s also advice on keeping active, and tips on what to buy.


7. Fit Bump Box , £49 for 3 months

  • Suitable for: Expecting and new mums

Subscribe to the three-month FitBumpBox for a selection of pregnancy and new mum Pilates equipment including a mini physio ball, resistance band & hand-sewn Pilates cushion.

You’ll also get a unique access code giving you three months of the online week-by-week pregnancy and new mum fitness and health programme. Fans include Giovanna Fletcher.


8. The Ekatot Iso Baby Box, £299 per box

Suitable for: newborn babies

Designed to give a taste of the baby-friendly culture Finland is famed for, Ekatot’s Iso Baby Box is packed with essentials and goodies to help you give your newborn the best start in life.

The box is inspired by the traditional starter kit distributed to new parents by the Finnish government, and includes high-quality items, many of which are sourced directly from Finland and Scandinavian suppliers.

Expect gender neutral clothing, muslins, a hooded bath towel, a bed sheet, a mattress and mattress protector, along with essentials including nappies and a baby toothbrush. The box itself also doubles up as a moses basket.


9. Sassy Bloom Box, £24.95 per month

  • Suitable for: for kids aged 0-3 years

Sassy Bloom boxes feature a selection of 4-7 products, all handpicked for your little one based on their age, gender and stage of development.

Your lucky dip delivery could include plush soft toys, safety equipment, books, or even treats for you, and promises a value of £30-£85 each month.


10. MamaME Box, £25 per month

  • Suitable for: mums

Offering five personalised treats each month, the MamaME box promises to help you carve out some time for yourself in the midst of the whirlwind that is parenting.

The little perks in each parcel include pampering hair masks, cute stationary and tempting snacks.


11. Pink Parcel, £12.99 per month

  • Suitable for: mums

If you fancy making that time of the month a little easier, consider signing up to Pink Parcel, a luxury subscription service delivering more than £40 worth of femcare and beauty products to your door.

As well as the essentials you’d expect, you can look forward to extra goodies like herbal tea and artisan chocolate.


12. Monthly Hug Box, No More Taboo, £15 per month

  • Suitable for: mums

No More Taboo’s Monthly Hugs box is a feel-good subscription that brings you five different ethical goodies with each delivery – and at the same time you’re helping the charity tackle period poverty.


13. Birchbox Man, £30

  • Suitable for: dads

Frazzled dads can enjoy a taste of the good life from luxury beauty product subscription service Birchbox.

While the monthly subscriptions are generally a hit among mums, this limited-edition box includes feel-good products for men such as socks, after-shave gel and moisturiser.


14. Book and A Brew, £12.99 per month

  • Suitable for: everyone

A good book and a hot cuppa are a longstanding recipe for relaxation, and this monthly service combines the best of each to help you enjoy every minute of naptime (or night feeds!). Each box includes a carefully selected hardback book and a box of tea.

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