Cosatto Scootle review

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4.6 out of 5 star rating 4.6
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£180.00 RRP

In a nutshell

An adaptive Group 1/2/3 car seat that will take your little one from toddler to teenage years in true eye-catching Cosatto style
Ease of installing
4.5 out of 5 rating 4.5
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
Safety features
4.5 out of 5 rating 4.5
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
Worth the money
4.5 out of 5 rating 4.5
Pros: Stylish, comfortable, practical, built to last (and last), reasonably lightweight, excel-lent value for money and made to adapt to your little one’s height and weight.
Cons: Not a con exactly, but it’s not a cheap option.
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British brand Cosatto is synonymous with style and colour. What started out as a leading Italian nursery furniture maker is now the UK’s funkiest designer and manufacturer of prams, pushchairs and baby gear – and they just seem to keep bolder and braver with ever brighter designs!


And the Cosatto Scootle is no different.  A Group 1/2/3 forward facing car seat suitable for use from 9 months to 12 years, it’s compatible with a standard 3-point car seat belt so you don’t need to wrestle with any extras to fit it in your car.

As well as side impact protection it has a two-position seat recline, a five-position headrest height, washable covers and a 5-point safety harness with quick release buckle. But what really makes it stand out is the bold, colourful design – it’s a game-changer in that respect.

What’s in the box?

•    1 x Car Seat Shell

•    1 x Seat Pad

•    1 x Seat Liner

•    1 x Set of Chest Pads

•    1 x 4 year guarantee information

Any additional extras?

No, everything was included.

How is installing the seat?
It was very easy and intuitive to install in the car – it took just a matter minutes.
I use it as a Group 1 seat – so I literally just unwrapped the seat and popped it in the car before securing with the seat belt as directed in the easy-to-follow instructions printed on the side of the seat.

Does it feel secure when installed?
Yes, very much so. It’s quite daunting moving your baby from an infant carrier to the next stage of car seat – you’re aware that they’re less cocooned and seem more vulnerable now that they’re facing forwards.  But I never had any concerns about how securemy one-year-old daughter would be in the Scootle – it was evident instantly that she was very well contained and comfortable too.

How portable and easy did you find to get in and out of the car?
Fairly easy, it’s lighter than I expected it to be and I can carry it fairly comfortably, but it’s not a seat that you’d want to be moving between cars on a daily basis.

How was strapping baby in?
It’s very easy – no fiddling about with the straps and everything seems to be well-positioned so that it’s possible to have her safely and comfortably installed in the seat in less than a minute.

However, the padding over the buckle did tend to slip off all the time, which was a minor inconvenience.  So we ended up removing it altogether and we didn’t miss it – it didn’t seem to serve any vital purposes.

The padding over the chest straps are different, they are lovely and make it easy to adjust the straps without any discomfort.

How comfortable is the Cosatto Scootle for your daughter?
Very comfortable, she seems to love the bold colours and she certainly seemed delighted to be facing forward at last, just like her big brothers.

I did notice that she’s not as comfortable as I’d like her to be when she falls asleep in this car seat, though. Even with the seat back in the reclined position her head still drops forward onto her chest, which disrupts her sleep.

For maximum comfort I think her head needs better support when she’s sleeping and I found myself avoiding taking her out in the car if I thought she was likely to need a nap.

The side wings and headrest adjust, what do you think of this?
They are a great idea. Again my daughter is too little to really test these (the seat is already on the smallest possible setting). 

But I love the fact that the seat will literally grow with her and can be very quickly and easily adapted to fit as she grows. It’s a real bonus that you adjust them by just squeezing a lever – you don’t need to remove the seat from the car to do so.

And unlike other car seats you don’t need to unthread or rethread the straps when your child has outgrown the previous setting.

How many recline positions does it have?

There are two recline positions and yes, it is very easy to adjust the recline the position of the seat back (you just pull two small levers on the seat).  

But to be honest I couldn’t really see much difference at all between the positions – both recline positions still seem very upright compared to the curve of our infant carrier which we’re used to.  

And I don’t find the recline extends quite far back enough to allow my baby to go to sleep really comfortably. Perhaps as she grows into the seat this feature will become more useful.

What do you think of the quick release buckle?
It’s a handy feature which I’m sure would be appreciated if you needed to remove a child from a car in an emergency, it certainly made light work of getting my daughter out of the car when she’s in a hurry to escape!

The Scootle is a Group 1/2/3 seat, meaning it should last from 9 months to 12 years, do you think it will stand up to the test of time?
Yes, I do. Although I can’t think of any other item of baby equipment that is built to last for so long, so only really time will tell.

But I love the way the seat is designed to adapt to the needs of a growing child, eventually turning from a Group 1 seat into a Group 2/3 seat.

I wish more items of baby gear were designed to be so robust and long-lasting, adapting to the needs of a growing child.

Would you recommend this seat to someone with a child of a particular age?
Yes, I think it’s an ideal investment for when a baby is ready to move on to a Group 1 seat.  But I would point out that the backrest doesn’t recline quite far enough for comfy nap times.

Is the car seat easy to clean?
Yes, it is. The covers are machine washable which is a boon for a seat, which should stay in circulation for many years.

What do you think of the design?
I love it! At first I was a bit concerned about how very ‘loud’ and bold the pattern is – I might not have chosen it in a shop but I’ve grown very attached to it.  

And now everyone comments on it very favourably. You won’t find many other babies rocking a seat quite this stylish.

Value for money


At £180 it’s at the higher end of the car seat market, the but the Cosatto Scootle represents excellent value for money because it grows with your child and can be used until 12 years of age. 

Product Specifications


Brand Cosatto
Model Scootle
Price £180.00

Suitable for

Child age (approx) 9 months to 12 years

Dimensions & Weight

Weight 7.9kg


Removeable cover for washing Yes
Height adjustible headrest Yes