In a nutshell

An ultra-compact buggy that will allow your child to travel in comfort and style. It will make your life easier thanks to its practical features including a super fast, one handed fold and large storage basket

What we tested

  • Fold/unfolding
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Manoeuvrability
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Comfort for child
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 3.5 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.3 out of 5.


  • Quick fold, one handed fold, compact, stylish, good sun protection, large storage basket. lightweight


  • Not suitable for rough terrain, peephole window not always accessible, not compatible with a carrycot, handlebar can’t be adjusted

Didofy aim to make travelling with a baby less hassle ,with their range of buggies that are quick and easy to open and close using their auto-folding design. The Aster is an ultra-compact pushchair, aimed at families who want to travel without the stress.


Its stand out features include: a “MagicFold” design that means it can be put up and down in seconds; a fold so compact it can fit on most airlines as hand luggage; and a flip flop friendly brake. It is light, portable and easy to store, so perfect for families who are always on the go.

There is isn’t an option to attach a carrycot, however it is suitable from birth with the seat fully reclined, and its suitable for use until your child is 22kg.

At £299, it sits in the mid-price range of compact strollers, similar to the Junior Jones J-Tourer (also £299), but substantially cheaper than the premium Cybex Melio Carbon stroller, at £479.95.

Tested by

Freelance journalist and author, Lucy, tested the Aster with her 2-year-old son and 3-month-old daughter, on numerous wintry walks, trips to the playground and occasional supermarket visits.

What were your first impressions?

I knew this was a compact buggy, but I was still amazed at how small and light the box it arrived in was. I hadn't heard of Didofy before, so I was keen to see what the buggy was like and how well it would open and close after reading about the “MagicFold”. As promised, it was very easy to pop it open.

When I first saw the pushchair, I was impressed by its stylish look. The bronze frame and olive material, with a leatherette handlebar and bumper bar, make it look much more expensive than it is. As it was so light, I anticipated that it might feel flimsy when pushed, but this didn't turn out to be the case.

Didofy Aster pushchair set up

How easy is the Didofy Aster to assemble?

It was so easy to set up my toddler could do it! The buggy came folded up in the box, along with four wheels and a bumper bar. All that was needed to be done was to unfold it and click the wheels and bumper bar into place, which was no trouble at all.

The accompanying instructions are easy to follow with pictures and written explanations on how to set it up, along with a list of safety warnings.

What’s the fold like?

The “MagicFold” is one of the buggy’s selling points and it works really well. It’s activated by pressing one button and sliding another on the handlebar, then pushing the buggy down. It then folds itself up quickly and easily in one part. Unfolding it is just as magic. It pops up into place in the time it takes to say “abracadabra” - and you can do it one-handed.

This is one of my favourite things about the Aster. I have loved being able to fold and unfold the buggy one-handed and lift it into the boot whilst still holding my baby, as it’s so quick and convenient. I can't believe I have previously wasted so much of my time and energy on a buggy that doesn't fold as well!

How compact is the Didofy Aster when folded?

Measuring just H:55cmxW:47cmxD:25cm, it is pretty compact – just slighter larger than the Silver Cross Jet which measures H:55cmxW:30cmxD:18cm when folded.

I love how easy the Aster is to get in and out of the car in seconds and it folds up so small, it makes the boot of my Ford Fiesta seem spacious. It only takes up a fraction of the space when laid flat, or it can be put in upright if I remove the parcel shelf.

The compact fold means it is also easy to store at home, either self-standing upright or flat. It is stable when self-standing upright, as long as it is on a flat surface.

Didofy Aster pushchair folded up

Is the Aster good for travelling?

Didofy say the Aster can fit into the overhead locker on ‘most’ airlines. Travel restrictions in lockdown have meant I couldn't put this to the test, but I can see how it would make life much easier when flying with a baby or toddler. It can be folded up in an instant to board a plane and at just 6.2kg, picking it up and carrying it isn’t difficult.

You can either carry it using a plastic handle (which can only be accessed when the foot rest is up), or with an attached shoulder strap, which tucks into a pocket on the buggy when not in use. Both options are comfortable, and I couldn’t believe I was carrying a buggy. It wouldn’t be a struggle to lift it inside an overhead locker, either.

As I was testing it during the third lockdown, I wasn’t able to take it on trains or buses. I would take it on long train journeys in the future though as it could fold up easily to store in luggage compartments. Being light and easy to manoeuvre, I think it would be easy to take on buses, too.

What is the Didofy Aster like to push and steer?

I was impressed with how easy it is to push and steer. On smooth paths and pavements, it glides along and can be steered one-handed.

With my toddler on board it rattles a bit more than with my baby, but not too loudly. It handles low kerbs well, despite the small EVA wheels, however higher drop kerbs require lifting up the front wheels, but this isn’t difficult given the buggy is so light.

You can lock the front wheels, but I found it easier to push and steer without doing so, especially when manoeuvring in tight spaces.

Didofy Aster pushchair hood

How does the Aster handle on different terrain?

The instructions warn that you can’t use it on rough surfaces, such as sand and mud, and I can see why. A couple of my walks took in uneven pavements and cobbles and this made it quite bumpy onboard and harder to push. This wasn’t a problem for my toddler, but I did worry about the impact on my baby. She was 3-months-old by the time we started using it, so had a bit more neck strength, but I would have definitely avoided using it on any bumpy surface if she was in it as a newborn.

I did manage to push the Aster without any problems on some firm and flat off-road paths though, and over short grass. On one occasion I did have to take it through some thick mud, as an off-road path that I often walk along had become extremely boggy in the winter weather. The Didofy Aster was able to get through some of the sloppy mud without too much trouble or clogging up of the front wheels, but unsurprisingly as it got really boggy it was impassable. Most buggies would have been unable to cope with such patches, but the advantage of the Didofy Aster being so light was that my toddler got out and walked, while I easily carried the buggy until we were back on firmer ground. If you are after an all-terrain pushchair, something like the Mamas & Papas Occaro, £799, would probably be more useful.

What’s the chassis like?

I love the look of the bronze frame. It’s easy to wipe clean and hasn’t scratched yet, despite lots of use. In fact, it’s surprisingly sturdy despite how light it is.

Do you rate the Didofy Aster’s handlebar?

It looks good and feels comfortable to grip, thanks to the leatherette cover. A drawback is that the handlebar can't be adjusted, which is something I prefer to have as I'm only 5ft 1in. At a height of 105cm, I have found the handlebar to be adequate, but it would be nice to have the option to make it lower.

Since I'm petite and find it OK, it might be slightly too low for taller people. My husband is 5ft 11in found the height “about right”.

What’s the hood like on the Aster?

Great for sunny days, and it can be half or fully extended. In the latter position, it comes down so far it almost reaches the bumper bar. This provides excellent shade and sun protection, especially as the material is UPF50, but it meant my toddler couldn’t see anything when he was sat in the seat with the hood fully down on our winter walks. He did like this when he wanted to lie back and relax though, as he said it was like being in a tent!

Fully extending the Aster’s hood was great for when my baby was in it on a windy day, as it shielded her from the breeze. It’s also waterproof, so makes a decent substitute if you unexpectedly get caught in a rain shower without your raincover.

There’s a large peephole window, which both of my children liked gazing up through, however, it is only accessible when the hood is fully extended, so you don’t have the option to use this all the time. Not a deal breaker, but it did make it more difficult to check on my toddler when he was in the seat and didn’t want the hood completely down.

My baby daughter seemed to prefer it in the extended position, as she liked looking at the hood and up through the window when she was awake. I expect the fact it covered her so much made her feel quite cosy and seeing me clearly through the window would have been reassuring.

Didofy Aster pushchair hood up and down

What do you think of the seat unit?

The Aster’s seat is nicely padded and, width-wise, is roomy enough for my toddler, while my baby had plenty of room to stretch out.

The seat back can sit fully upright, and my son felt most comfortable sat upright with his feet up, but he did find the seat a bit too shallow if the foot rest wasn't up.

The seat can take a weight of 22kg, which means a child could use it for a number of years, although I expect my son would outgrow the Aster length-wise before he gets that heavy. I anticipate he would be comfortable in it for about another year, when he would be 3-and-a-half.

With the footrest up and the back fully reclined, it is suitable for use from birth, if you are happy for your newborn to be world facing. My daughter was around 12-weeks-old when we first started using it and she found it very comfortable, so much so she had some long naps while I pushed her in it and it was easy to check on her through the peephole window when the hood was extended.

The straps to recline the back of the seat are a little stiff, but this could just be because it is new. I could easily manage to move the back up with my toddler in it, by asking him to lean forward to take his weight off, and when I wanted to lower it when he was sleeping, the stiffness of the straps was an advantage as I could lower him slowly, so he didn't wake up.

How easy is the Didofy Aster to clean?

We’ve managed to avoid any major stains on it so far, but it has been easy to brush snack crumbs off the seat and wipe off a few mud splatters on the frame and fabric with a damp cloth.

What’s the harness like on the Aster?

The pushchair has a 5-point harness which is quite stiff to lock and unlock – but the advantage of this is you don't have to worry about your toddler being able to unlock it themselves. The thick padding on the straps made it comfortable for both my toddler and baby.

What are the wheels like?

There are four small EVA wheels, so no need to worry about punctures when out and about. The wheels actually feel sturdier than they look, and work well on smooth surfaces, although they can't handle rough terrain, as previously mentioned.

The front wheels can be fixed by flicking a small switch behind each of the front wheels, but I never felt the need to have them in the fixed position as it was easier to manoeuvre with them unfixed.

How good are the brakes on the Aster?

The flip flop friendly brake is another of the buggy's selling points, and another reason why it will come into its own in the summer. It definitely passed the test on this as I could get the Aster’s brakes on and off easily when barefoot.

The flat and wide lever to apply the brakes is slightly off centre under the buggy, so it is obvious to find. I never found I kicked it when pushing it – but I do have short legs!

Didofy Aster pushchair basket

What’s the storage basket like on the Didofy Aster?

The basket is surprisingly large for a compact buggy – I managed to pack a lot into it, including water bottles, a small changing bag, lunch bag and a scooter helmet – and can be easily accessed from the back, side or front (the footrest needs to be up for the latter).

It is slightly shallower at the front, so I have been worried items might drop out. This hasn't happened yet, but I have avoided putting anything small at that end of the basket just in case. There is a small mesh pocket on the bottom of the basket where you could secure small items if you need, but it’s not as easy to access this once you have other items on top.

What’s in the box?

- Folded stroller
- 4 x wheels
- Bumper bar
- Instructions
- Footmuff

Since reviewing the Aster, they have brought out a newer model (Didofy Aster 2) which now comes with a raincover and cupholder as part of the package, too.

What are the additional accessories that you can buy?

- Car seat adapters, £30
- Mosquito met, £20
- Stroller bag, £30

Now you’ve tested it, what would you have wanted to know about the Didofy Aster before buying it?

That although it can be used all year round - and as your only buggy depending on your circumstances - its best features are more geared towards summer use and taking on holiday.

Who would the Aster be most useful for?

It’s designed as an ultra-compact buggy that's ideal for travelling and it meets these requirements with comfort and style. It will definitely help make air travel with a child easier, so would be useful to frequent flyers. If you can afford more than one buggy, this is a good option to have for weekends away and holidays at home or abroad, as its compact enough to easily store when not in use so won’t take up a lot of space in between trips.

As well as this, I've found it convenient to keep it in my car boot where it doesn’t take up too much room, so I can use it when dashing to the supermarket or for a quick trip to a playground. Since it is easy to put it in and out of a car boot and fold up and down, it's ideal for popping to the shops and will still leave plenty of space in the boot for shopping bags.

Didofy Aster pushchair

Is the Didofy Aster worth the money?

At £299, it is on the expensive side if you only intend to use it for occasional trips and an annual holiday. But it’s worth the money, as your child will be travelling in style with a highly portable buggy that looks good, pushes well and ensures they are comfortable and safe in the sun.

As it's suitable for use from birth (with the seat fully reclined) until a child is 22kg, it has longevity to give more value for money. And, if you don’t intend to go on rough off-road routes, you could use it as your only buggy since it provides a smooth ride on paths and pavements.

How does the Didofy Aster compare to similar pushchairs?

Product nameAge suitabilityDimensions when foldedWeightRRP
Didofy AsterBirth to 22kgH:55cmxW:47cmxD:25cm6.2kg£299
Joolz AerBirth (with carrycot) to 22kgH:53.5cmxW45cmxL21.5cm6.1kg£399
Baby Jogger City Tour 2Birth (with carrycot) to 22kgH:59cmxW:49.5xL:25cm6.5kg£269
Microlife ProFoldBirth to 15kgH:51.5cmxW:44cmxL:24cm7.5kg£225

Where can I buy the Didofy Aster?

Available at Didofy, Baby Planet and Pramstores.


MadeForMums verdict:

I love the style, convenience and comfort provided by the Didofy Aster. I've found it really useful, despite testing it during a very cold winter in lockdown when I haven’t been able to fully utilise its best features (like being able to take it on a plane and the flip flop friendly brake). I'm looking forward to being able to use it on holidays and day trips in the future when it will definitely take away some of the stress and hassle of travelling with a little one, as it's so portable and easy to fold. I won’t have to worry about the sun when it comes back out either as the hood provides such good coverage. It has exceeded my expectations as I have been able to use it as more than just a travel pushchair. I've found it marvellous for nipping around the shops, strolling through the park and when running late. Now I just need Didofy to make a double version!

Product Specifications

Dimensions & Weight
DimensionsH:55cm W:82cm L:105cm
Dimensions (folded)H:55cm W:47cm L:25cm – Magic fold
Suitable for
Child age (approx)From Birth
Child weightUp to 25kg
Seat facing directionForward facing
Tyre typeLockable swivel puncture-proof wheels, and quick one-click release front and rear wheels
Lie flatYes
  • MagicFold – using the latest technology, simply by pressing the MagicFold button, the Aster folds and unfolds itself like magic.
  • Ultra-lightweight – weighs in at just 6.2kg
  • Ultra-compact – fits on most airlines as hand baggage.
  • Easy steering – light on-handed steering
  • Standing fold – stands upright when folded or can lie flat.
  • Suitable from birth – suitable from newborn to 25kg.
  • Premium fabric and colour choice. – The grey fabric is paired with a powder coated black frame and olive fabric with a bronze anodised frame.
  • Built-in ventilation – extendable UPF50 waterproof hood with peekaboo window, and built-in seat ventilation.
  • Ultimate comfort for baby – 5-point cushioned harness, adjustable footrest and multi-position reclining backrest
  • Nice set of wheels! – lockable swivel puncture-proof wheels, and quick one-click release front and rear wheels
  • Leatherette removable bumper bar and handlebar – handlebar height 105cm
  • The compact pushchair with large storage space
  • Smooth ride – in-built suspension
  • Surprising storage – large in class storage basket
  • No more broken toes! – flip-flop friendly brakes