In a nutshell

A lightweight, super-compact city stroller, with great features for busy city parents and frequent-flying families, although the awkward straps and tricky waterproof cover won't suit all...


  • Ultra-light, compact, easy to fold, one-handed push and has an extendable canopy with UPF 50+ sunshade


  • Small basket, low seating position, awkward straps, waterproof cover sometimes leaks

With a Guinness World Record for the smallest buggy (gb Pockit, 2014), size is everything to parenting brand Goodbaby. The Chinese company first launched 30 years ago – and then merged with German company Cybex in 2014.


The gb Pockit+ All-City is an improved version of their stripped-back tiny iconic stroller with new features such as front swivel single wheels, adjustable seat rest and the stroller is now travel system compatible.

This pushchair is designed for ‘urban parents on the go’ and can fold down and fit into the smallest of spaces. This is gb’s flagship product. Think aluminium frame, single tyres, adjustable back and leg rest and a larger canopy. With a compatible gb or Cybex car seat, you can transform the buggy into a travel system and use it from birth.

Tested by:

Ruth tested the stroller with her 13-month-old son on the school run and about the town. She managed to persuade her three-year-old to get in for a couple of trips, too.

What are your first impressions of the gb Pockit+ All-City?

This super light stroller is a bit of a shock to the system after using my Uppababy Cruz. I’m not a fan of the handlebars that look like antlers – and the poppers and canopy fabric resemble a Kappa tracksuit. That said, it’s really responsive and easy to push one-handed around the city streets, it’s compact and easy to fold – and would be a great buggy to take on holiday.

What do you think of the gb Pockit+ All-City seat unit?

It all comes as one piece. Hurray! The seat unit is easy to clean – and it seems comfortable for short trips about the city or for hot-footing it through an airport. But often my 13-month-old looked slumped after a 30-minute round trip and to me, it doesn’t appear to be supportive enough for a long walk.


What age is it suitable for?

The gb Pockit+ All-City can be used from 6 months up to four years old.

What is the maximum weight capacity of the seat?

The maximum weight capacity is 17kg. The buggy can comfortably handle my three-year-old who weighs 15kg. He seems huge in it and his legs don’t look particularly comfortable, but the buggy was still easy to push.

Does the seat recline and if so how many recline positions are there?

The gb Pockit+ All-City has an adjustable backrest enabling you to lower your sleeping tot for a more comfortable nap – but it doesn’t lie flat. It takes two hands to adjust the strap behind the seat, which means you’ll have to stop and alter the angle.

If your little one likes to be upright, be aware that this stroller doesn’t offer a fully upright position either – something I’m not a fan of as my son constantly looked slumped.

Is the seat reversible?

No, it’s forward-facing only.


How is interacting with your child when in the gb Pockit+ All-City?

I’m only 5ft 5ins and I find it difficult to communicate with my tot in the Pockit+ All-City. He feels miles away, just hovering above city streets. I’m constantly stopping to see if he can hear me and peering over the canopy to see him.

What did you think of the seat harness?

While the soft padded straps offer comfort, the harness only adjusts slightly. The straps already feel tight around my son’s shoulders on the highest setting, yet they gape around his body.

Strangely, although the straps are tight around my three-year-old’s body and shoulders, he actually looks more comfortable and more securely fitted than when I take my 13-month old out for a ride.

The buckle is simple to use and easy to do/undo – offering a very satisfying click to make sure you know when it’s safe to move.


How easy is the gb Pockit+ All-City to manoeuvre when walking around town?

City streets are the Pockit+ All City’s playground. Pushing my son around on smooth concrete paths, supermarket aisles and shopping centres are a dream.

It is really responsive and easy to push one-handed which is great when you want to hold onto your preschooler’s hand. However, tree roots and mounting kerbs are difficult and on the odd occasion I ventured onto mud and grass, I got stuck.


How does the pushchair ride on challenging surfaces?

Hurtling after my preschooler on his balance bike, the buggy held up surprisingly well. My tot didn’t appear to be bouncing around too much and it was light to push (a bonus for an already tired mum!). The streets are very bumpy near to where I live – and it takes some thought about where to dismount the pavements to avoid becoming stranded on the edge.

How much does the gb Pockit+ All-City weigh?

It’s ridiculously light at 4.9kg, which does make it a good choice if you’re running after your toddler up a flight of steps or trying to get onto a train.

It manoeuvres really well – but I did find the frame a little awkward to carry when out and about as the handlebars got in the way.

What’s the fold like?

It’s clever. I like it. But it definitely takes two hands to shrink it and lock it into place. However, if you don’t need to fold it completely, with a little practice and a bit of skill, you can use one hand and juggle your ever-moving, wriggly baby. When it’s folded and freestanding it’s tiny – a real win for gb.


What do you think of the gb Pockit+ All-City wheels?

The stripped-back nature of the original Pockit means the wheels are still small – but the GB Pockit+ All-City has been pimped. With slightly larger, single wheels, it can take on smooth city streets and this new buggy has built-in suspension in the front wheels to cushion your baby’s ride.

This stroller was a joy to handle indoors, up and down supermarket aisles and along train carriageways as it tackled tight corners well, and its slim width means you can scoot past bags and boxes.

What’s the brake like?

The brake is slap bang in the middle of the bar. It’s pretty hard to miss – but on the odd occasion, it did get stuck.

What’s the hood like on the gb Pockit+ All-City?

The canopy gives some coverage and offers UPF50+ protection – and compared to a few of the other gb strollers, it’s great. But at times it felt a little flimsy, with the slightest gust of wind it wobbles about all over the place.

How easy is it to store?

Really simple. The gb Pockit+ All-City takes up as much room as a large rucksack when properly folded so is easy to store in the house or car.


How sturdy is the gb Pockit+ All-City?

The gb Pockit+ All-City isn’t a pushchair you’d rave about to your friends. It’s useful, compact and light – and if you’re going travelling abroad and can’t afford a more expensive stroller like the Yoyo, this would be a good option. But I can’t imagine using it for years to come as it doesn’t feel long-lasting.

How compact is the buggy when folded?

It’s tiny. Folded, the dimensions of this pushchair are L20 x W32 x H38cm.

What’s the basket on the gb Pockit+ All-City like?

The basket is pretty small. Gb says it can hold up to 5kg of gear. I can fit a rain cover, a small rucksack and a sippy cup – and that’s about it.


What do you think of the rain cover?

I live in Wales where it rains a lot. Here, a good rain cover is particularly important – and this one did not stand up to a rainy day in Cardiff. After a stroll to a nearby village, the canopy was soaked underneath and if I’d have stayed out much longer, I imagine my son’s head would have been just as damp.

This has really put me off taking the stroller out. Together with the fact that I can’t use my footmuff on the buggy means it’s only useable for six months of the year ¬– or those sunny winter days we so rarely get.

How is it on public transport?

This slim stroller fits down a train carriage easily, with room to spare – and there’s no danger of bumping anyone’s legs as you glide past. It is light to lift and if you need to store it in the overhead luggage compartment, that’s no problem either. It’s a great buggy to travel with – aside from the fairly tiny basket.

Does the gb Pockit+ All-City fit in the boot of your car?

My boot is huge and the buggy easily fits into the back of my car when folded, with room for plenty of shopping. The compact size of the Pockit+ All-City is definitely one of its biggest perks.

Can the Pockit+ All-City be used as a travel system?

Yes, using gb car seat adapters, you can attach a gb or Cybex compatible car seat.

What do you think of the style and look of the gb Pockit+ All-City?

I’ve got the fashion edition Pockit+ All City in rose/red – but fashion and style aren’t the first words I’d think of when describing this stroller! It is very bright, so it’s definitely an acquired taste.

What’s in the box?

As the buggy is all built and ready to roll, inside the box is simply the stroller and a small instruction booklet.


Is the gb Pockit+ All-City value for money?

The price tag is a bit steep for me, considering you can’t take it off-road in the park and it doesn’t offer suitable wet weather protection. But if you’re a busy mum, running errands in the city – or travelling a lot with your tot in tow, this is a good option. And if you’re after something compact and light, look no further.

Where can you buy the gb Pockit+ All City pushchair?

You can buy it from Bournemouth Baby Centre and Amazon.

What accessories are available?

To use from birth, you’d have to fork out for a few adapters and a gb or Cybex compatible car seat to make it into a travel system.

Who would it be most useful for?

If you’re off on an adventure by bus, train or plane, the gb Pockit+ All City is a great choice.

How does the gb Pockit+ All City pushchair compare to other lightweight strollers?

Similar to the Ickle Bubba Globe Prime (£199 Amazon) and the Bugaboo Ant, the Pockit+ All City is the cheapest of the lot – but both the Ickle Bubba and Bugaboo have more style and potentially more substance. If you’re looking for a stroller to travel with that will fold and hide away in the car or in a cupboard, the gb Pockit+ All City could be for you.

MadeForMums verdict

This is a compact, lightweight stroller that would be great for travel and sunny escapes. I love how easy it is to push one-handed and how responsive it is. But with a rain cover that can’t seem to hack a Welsh winter day, this will never become my go-to stroller – despite all of its perks.



Product Specifications

ModelPockit All City
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions (folded)H:48cm W:20cm L:32cm
Suitable for
Child age (approx)6 months to 4 years
Both seats suitable from birthNo
Travel system compatibleYes
Compatible car seatsCot to Go and gb/Cybex car seats
Seat facing directionForward facing
Front wheelsWheel suspension
Lie flatNo
  • two-steps into ultra-compact fold.

Accessories included

gb Pockit+ All- City frame with wheels and seat unit, sun canopy, shopping basket, manual