10 of the best convertible pushchairs

The best buggies that convert from a single to a double to cater to the needs of your growing family


Convertible buggies – what are they?

Convertible buggies are pushchairs that change from a single to a double buggy so you can use it with one child or two children.


To convert a buggy from a single to a double, you need to be able to fix an additional seat unit, carrycot or car seat to the existing frame.

If the pushchair is suitable for twins (not all are) then the chassis must be able to hold carrycots or car seats at the same time.

But if you have a toddler and a newborn, look for a buggy that can be converted to hold a single carrycot and seat unit. It’s worth knowing that in some cases you’ll need to buy special adaptors to allow your buggy to be converted. Check carefully with the manufacturer if you need any extras.

Some convertible buggies are inline or tandem, meaning the seats are stacked one on top of the other like the iCandy Peach Blossom. Others are side by side buggies like the Bugaboo Donkey. Read on for our top picks!


Graco Trekko Duo, £150 for complete single to double mode

A value-for-money single to double pushchair, the main seat of the Graco Trekko is suitable for newborns, while the sibling seat is good for little ones 6 months plus.

The Trekko is travel system compatible (with the the Graco Junior Baby car seat), has a very large basket and the main seat has 3 recline positions.

Buy the Graco Trekko Duo from Amazon


Hauck Freerider Shop ‘N’ Drive £169.95 for complete single to double mode

The Hauck Freerider is a great budget option for a double pushchair that’ll grow well with your family.  The most versatile buggy in the Hauck collection, it can sit one child or two children of different ages.

Travel system compatible, it can be used with the brand’s Zero Plus infant car seat and very easy to fold – just what you need when out and about!

Our MFM reviewer says the Hauck Freerider Shop ‘N’ Drive is very comfortable for little ones, easy-to-push and a great time-saver as it can be folded down in single or double mode with both seats in place.

Read the full Hauck Freerider Shop ‘N’ Drive review

Buy the Hauck Freerider from Amazon


Baby Jogger City Select (single £394, double £524)

A lightweight convertible pushchair that has 16 possible seating configurations suitable for one child, twins or two siblings of differing ages.

The Baby Jogger City Select has a very quick, one hand folding system, and will give your child a smooth, comfortable and safe ride while allowing you to easily push, fold and store the pushchair in virtually any location.

Check out the review of the Baby Jogger City Mini here

Buy the Baby Jogger City Select from Amazon


Babystyle Oyster Max (single £439, double £568)

The Babystyle Oyster Max has lots of fans including Prima Baby, who gave the buggy a Gold Award for its versatility, its 25 seat positions (yes, really) and for the ease with which it converts from single to double, inline buggy.

Compact and easy to fold, the Oyster Max hit the market three years ago and became fondly known as the “Bugaboo on a budget.”

Ready to roll straight from the box, as a single buggy it’s suitable from 6 months old and with the carrycot or a car seat attached the Oyster Max can be used from birth. Twin mums can use two carrycots or two car seats, and for toddler and baby there’s the combo of buggy seat and carrycot or buggy seat and car seat.

Read the full review of the Babystyle Oyster Max

Buy the Babystyle Oyster Max from John Lewis


UPPAbaby Vista (single £699, double £999)

Cult brand UPPAbaby has won many celeb fans with its single buggies. This upgraded inline double is a “multitasking stroller” that can accommodate one, two or three children in a combination of seat units, car seats and bassinets.

Featuring UPPAbaby’s redesigned Rumble Seat, a second seat that can face forward and to the rear and can recline, this is a clever way to travel with multiple children.

Available in a range of eight colours from pared down ‘wheat and silver’ to purple ‘amethyst and carbon’ this is a classy looking buggy with a huge range of accessories including the piggy back buggy board.

Read the full review of the UPPAbaby Vista

Buy the UPPAbaby Vista from John Lewis


Phil and Teds Vibe, (single £549, double £678)

Mums love Phil and Teds buggies and that’s because the are so well suited to our ever changing family life. The Vibe is an inline buggy that can be used in 23 different seating combinations, including newborn and toddler and two toddlers (plus lots of recline positions).

The biggest update to the new Vibe is the addition of a handbrake to replace the old foot brake. Our reviewer sees this as a big plus point and said, “It makes a big difference from the old designs where you play ‘footsie’ while trying to apply brakes”.

Read the full review of the Phil and Teds Vibe

Buy the Phil and Teds Vibe from Pramworld


iCandy Peach 3 Blossom, (single £670, double £860)

The ever popular Peach buggy is now in its third generation. Upgrades include options for a matt black chassis, and an elevator system, which lifts the seat unit allowing more interaction between you and your little one when you’re in parent-facing mode.

In single mode the pushchair can double up as a highchair when you’re out and about. To transform the Peach Blossom from single to double use the c-shaped converters which attach to the frame, something our reviewer says is a “winning aspect” of the buggy.

Use it with two carrycots, two seat units or a carrycot and seat unit and choose from a range of eight colours.

Read the full review of the Peach 3 Blossom

Buy the Peach 3 Blossom from Baby Centre Bournemouth


Bugaboo Donkey, (single £965, double £1099)

The Bugaboo Donkey is a seriously clever buggy with a suitably high price tag. Designed for strolling or shopping with one or more children as a single, it features a carrycot or seat unit and a slimline shopping basket up top.

To convert the Donkey to a double buggy, for twins or two children of different ages, simply expand the chassis widthways and attach two seat units or two carrycots.

With the option for the seat units to be forward or parent facing this is a versatile buggy that folds with the seat unit attached. Available in eight colours, including Andy Warhol prints, this is a superior buggy but the price tag may be out of most people’s reach.

Read the full MFM review of the Bugaboo Donkey

Buy the Bugaboo Donkey from The Baby Room


Joolz Geo, (mono £799, duo £999, twin £1099)

The award-winning Joolz Geo is a sleek, chic four-wheeler buggy which can be used in either mono (single) duo (two kids of different ages) or twin (two newborns) mode.

Suitable from birth, using the freestanding carrycot initially and then the seat or seats from six months, the pushchair will take you through to toddler years, or until your youngest is around 3 years old.

The Geo features an adjustable, leather covered handlebar and a leather covered bumper bar which, when pared with the personalised and huge array of colour options, makes for a very stylish way to travel.

A big plus point is that the Geo can be folded compactly with two seat seats still in place – saving time and space.

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Buy the Joolz Geo from John Lewis


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