iCandy Peach Single Pushchair review

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4.3 out of 5 star rating 4.3
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£755.00 RRP

In a nutshell

The iCandy Peach 3 buggy is great to push, comfortable and of course a head turner. While it's near perfect, there could be improvements on some basic functions.
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
Comfort for child
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
Worth the money
3.0 out of 5 rating 3.0
Pros: Looks good, high quality of available accessories, great fitting rain cover, so easy to fold (and compact once done so), spacious basket.
Cons: No storage pockets, steering with one hand difficult, sometimes a struggle to mount larger curbs/steps, ‘one step’ release on harness easy for toddlers to undo.
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iCandy prides itself on its British heritage & craftsmanship.  And the brand channels these much valued ideals along with high quality materials and aeronautical technology, to create luxury pushchairs that define an industry where brands try hard to compete, and some even emulate.


With a collection of pushchairs that includes the iCandy OrangeApple 2 PearStrawberry 2Cherry and Raspberry, the premium brand is loved by celebrities including Elton John, Victoria Beckham and Selma Blair.

I have always thrown admiring glances in the way of iCandy pushchairs, their chic designs and luxe finishes make them particularly enviable – plus I am a sucker for a shiny chrome finish chassis.  We’ve also reviewed the double/tandem version of the iCandy Peach here.

This is the review of the 2017 version single iCandy Peach, if you’re after a review of the 2018 Peach, we have it here

What are the stand-out features on the iCandy Peach?


With this newest version of the Peach, the brand has made little changes.  It looks like it’s listened to from feedback from parents and reviewers about the older Peaches and tried to improve on them.

As such iCandy has introduced new EVA tyres, seat elevators that can be in both parent and world-facing mode and a new one-touch 5-point safety harness. 

Other little extra touches include a leatherette handle and a leatherette bumper bar instead of foam ones.  

When using seat elevators to create extra space between the bottom seat and the top one, the seat evelators used to only allow the seat to face forward, away from mum and dad.  Now the seat can be lifted and face the parents too. 

I liked the idea of the elevators, when used as a single pushchair. When used in parent facing mode, it made interaction with my son easier, when facing the world he loved having a better view of everything!

It was also ace when visiting our local café (which always lacks enough highchairs) as it becomes perfect table height.

(If you’re thinking of buying new iCandy Peach buggy, check out these online stores for a deal –  iCandy or Pramworld)

I did however find that when using the elevators, curbs/steps became a bit of an issue and I felt some strain due to the weight distribution (and it nearly tipped over when we hit a little pot hole! Eek!)


Another new feature on the Peach is the quick release one-touch 5-point harness. A great idea, that’s really easy to use and indeed time saver too.

Unfortunately it’s too simple! The big pink button soon caught the attention of my 22-month-old son who could soon undo it himself!

This is something that could definitely be improved on, as I can imagine there will be quite a few mini houdinis who will work this out – fast!

How does the iCandy Peach 2016 fold?

It is fantastically easy to fold and once the seat unit has been removed (it literally pops off) it can be pretty much done with one hand.

The chassis can be folded with a push of the button in the middle of the handle bar, locked and then carried by the handy shoulder strap that attaches to the shopping basket. To unfold is just as easy; just flick the latch on the chassis and pull up handle bar to click into place, it is a breeze!

Is it compact when folded?

Yes, it is very compact once folded (70cm x 60cm x 28cm) and easy to store, it is perfect for keeping in my tiny hallway without having to squeeze in the front door!


How does the iCandy Peach feel when pushing it?

It’s fantastic to push as the buggy as it has a very smooth ride on pavements , roads and in shops and it very easy to steer. 

Even on grass I found it was doing most of the work, rather than me wearing myself out – I think a lot of that was down to the large rear wheels.

It actually felt nice to push and was able to handle tree roots, twigs and leaves I put in its way – all in the name if a thorough review.

The Peach travels well on public transport, it can just make its way down narrow bus gangways and fits snuggly in the pram bay along with another pushchair and just as easily fits on trains.

However, my first issue arose when pushing as the folding mechanism/handle bar adjusting button slap bang in the middle of the handle bars.  If you have one child, then this won’t be much of a problem, but as a mum of three, a lot of the time I am steering the pushchair and holding a little hand. 


I usually choose to hold the bar in the middle as it is easier to steer, but I couldn’t do that with the Peach, especially when it is carrying the extra weight of shopping or an extra child in double mode.

As a side note on buggy weight, you may have noticed that the weight of the Peach is advertised at 8.4kg on the iCandy and other retailer websites.  

We weren’t sure if that was a typo or if the buggy had seriously slimmed down from its former Peach 3 model, which was perviously advertised as weighing 14.2kgs.  Either way we had to find out more.  It turns out the advertised weight is only of the frame and the wheels.  When used in complete single mode the Peach weighs 14.2kgs and 17.4kg in double mode – the same as before. 

Does it work better as a single or double?