In a nutshell

A comfortable wrap, ideal for parents with newborns or toddlers – but as it's one long piece of fabric, it can feel a bit over-whelming until you haven't used a wrap before

What we tested

  • Comfort for baby
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Comfort for you
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Ease of use
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Design
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Sturdiness
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.


  • Soft stretchy fabric, one size fits all, easy to adjust once baby in, comfortable for parent and baby, handy front pocket.


  • Long fabric felt a bit daunting, lots of carrying options, instructions only come in French.

Je Porte Mon Bébé (JPMBB) is a French family owned company, that offers a range of baby-wearing solutions, including the PhysioCarrier baby carrier, Little Wrap Without A Knot, The Baby Wrap and the Original baby wrap, which is being reviewed here.


Like the WMM Wuti wrap and AmaWrap, this Original baby wrap is essentially one long piece of fabric that is tied to create a supportive carrier, which keeps baby close to parent.

The first thing I liked about the Original baby wrap is that it can be pre-tied before putting baby in, which is great. You can leave baby in a comfortable environment, until you are set up and then pop them in.

Another beauty is that it can be worn in various positions (on the front, on the back or on the hip) according to you and your baby’s needs, and can be used from birth up to 14kg (around three years old).

First impressions?

As much as I’m weary of wraps (the whole setting up and getting it on without tying yourself up in a bow blows my mind), I do love the thought if them and my first-born loved being in a carrier.

It allowed her to be close to me whilst I did the housework, ate lunch or took a little time for me.

But I’ll be honest I always stuck to the bog-standard carriers, which had a hole for my head, holes for the baby’s legs and arms and fastenings here, and clips there.

Is this lazy? Yes probably, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t in awe of other mums who seemed to look so super comfy with this wrap wrapped around her, and her baby so close to her body.

Having a wrap that moulds to you in a few different ways to suit you and your baby’s needs seemed like the ideal solution for my second child. After all, I will have a 2-and-a-half-year-old to run around after, a nursery run to walk, and no inclination to get a double buggy – or chance to sit on the sofa and cuddle.

So, here I am, biting the bullet and testing the Je Porte Mon Bébé Original baby wrap. Here’s how I got on…


What were the seating options like on the ‘Original’ baby wrap?

There are three carrying positions for the Original baby wrap; front, back and hip, and best of all, you can utilise all three without untying the knot.

According to the website, the best position for my newborn is on the front, as;

  • Their legs and arms are brought together
  • The baby is firmly maintained under his bottom
  • Their spinal curve is preserved
  • Their head is lined with the spine: it doesn't flop in any direction
  • Their natural froglegged position isn't bothered by fabric between the leg.

But that’s not to say that you can’t still hold them in various positions.

The wrap allows you to either carry your baby in a Vertical Seated Cradle Carry, which allows the baby to look around or feed from a bottle; the Front Carry, Double Hammock Style, which is a good sitting position (legs in squat, rounded back, knees as high as navel) and relieves your baby from supporting the weight of his head, or as an Off-Center Front Carry, another natural position for the baby, where its head comes up and lies against your shoulder, as if he was being carried on your arm.

I found the Front Carry, Double Hammock Style a good starting point.

It felt easier to get the baby into the carrier this way, it felt secure and, most importantly, it ensured that my baby would be ergonomically placed, with his knees open as wide as his pelvis, and his ankles on the same axis as his knees.

A comfortable position that doesn’t place any stress on his hips. I also love the idea of having my baby snuggled up close to my chest; the most maternal position for me, and physiological for him.

Is the stretchy fabric supportive?

Most stretchy wraps are 100% cotton, but the JPMBB wrap is 95% cotton and 5% Spandex. This makes the cotton fiber (which isn't naturally flexible) stretch and avoids sagging, even after wearing for a long period of time (they recommend no longer than two hours).

I found the stretchy fabric really comfortable and supportive as it distributed the weight evenly across my shoulders and back.

It also hugged around my hips and waist and was forgiving in the sense that it adapted to my baby’s movements, and mine, without the constant need for readjusting, especially when putting baby in and out the wrap.

Is the wrap comfortable for parents?

Yes, the front tie, sits to the side so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable around your stomach, or get in the way when you sit or bend down

And because the wrap is so long (it’s 5 meters long), you can work with the length and tightness of the wrap until you are at a comfortable post-baby weight and then cut the wrap later on down the line if you wish, without it fraying.

I will probably do this, as at just 5ft 2 there is quite a lot of excess material but I won’t cut too much so that my husband can then also wear it if he wants too. I would rather have too much material than too little!

Going back to the fabric, it is really thick and soft, but not at all heavy.

I like the way it hugged my body and felt like it was supporting everything without being restrictive, which was vital for me, especially after a c-section.

How easy is the Je Porte Mon Bébé Original baby wrap to tie?

The million-dollar question! I must admit I was really daunted when holding up this one long piece of fabric, but the front pocket is a great help when it comes to knowing where to start.

It should start at the back by your shoulders, and the videos on the website were really good, and I did manage to crack it in just two attempts.

The only downfall is that the instruction manual is all in French and isn’t that easy to follow, so if I want to put it on and take it off when I’m out and about, I will need access to a computer or phone to help me until I’m more confident - not ideal, as some printed instructions would be great to have handy in my bag if I needed them.

The website is great though. So much detail especially is the FAQ section.

Does one size fit all?

One size does fit all, though if you’re quite petite like me (5 foot 2 inches tall, and roughly a size 8) the amount of material could easily appear daunting; there appears to be a lot of it.

But once this was wrapped around the body, it all becomes rather nice and compact, with not too many dangly bits of fabric to trip up on.

One plus point of the luxurious material, as mentioned above, is that it can be cut without fraying, and the fact that it’s long means it will suit my husbands body type, my mum’s body type, my friends body type (you get the picture) and will be suitable for my baby as he gets bigger and develops.


Is it easy to put a baby in the Original baby wrap?

My initial thought process, was great I have the wrap on; oh damn, now I have to learn how to put the baby in (another video).

But after practising, and practising with my daughters toy doll I got it and it became quicker and easier with each go.

I still wouldn’t like to do the whole process in a rush, or if my baby was in a bad mood but practise makes perfect right? I certainly feel very confident doing it when I’m at home and able to put the baby in using the videos.

But when out and putting him in and out of the carrier in public – I’m not too sure, so I’ll stick to trips where he can stay in there for the duration.

How does it compare to other carriers you have used?

The only other carrier I’ve ever used in a Baby Bjorn, which has very formulaic buckles to fasten or clips to snap together.

Whilst this made it easy to use right from the word go, one, my baby didn’t feel as close to me as when wearing a wrap, and two, if my husband used the Baby Bjorn, I then had to spend precious time readjusting the carrier back to my suit my height and build.

This always felt like a chore – and never felt quite ‘right’ at first.

In contrast, the Original wrap moulds to your body without the need for straps or clips, and it can easily be adjusted in the wearing position, even with the baby still inside.

The stretchy material of the Origianal Wrap also means that there is no risk of a clip or a fastening digging in and it is nice that I could put it on myself, without needing my husband to adjust the back straps or fastenings that I found hard to reach on the Baby Bjorn.

I think both the carrier and the wrap have their advantages but I definitely feel closer to my baby when wearing the wrap – it feels more maternal!

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Is the JPMBB wrap easy to clean?

Yes, the wrap itself can be popped in the washing machine and washed on a cold wash.

JPMBB however recommend that you don’t dry it in the tumble – and to treat the wrap “as if it were your favourite shirt!”

They also recommend washing it before you use it – although I was slightly reluctant, as it smelt gorgeous when first unwrapped. Just like a new baby!

What age child is the JPMBB Original Wrap best for?

The wrap is designed for babies from birth to 14kg, which is around 3-years-old. If I’m honest I can’t ever imagine my 2-and-a-half-year-old wanting to go in it.

Saying that, if you are hiking, then this is an option. The website recommends that you adopt the hip and back carry positions with older children.

Is the Original Wrap durable?

Yes. With its stretch fabric and no belts or buckles to break, I believe the Original wrap will last until my bubba starts walking.

This is definitely our last baby, so once we’re done, I would like to be able to pass it on and let someone else reap the benefits of ‘wrap wearing.’


Is JPMB Original baby wrap value for money?

Absolutely! It has a RRP of £59.95, which might seem rather steep for what is essentially one long piece of fabric, but it’s so diverse, with so many positions that you can wear your newborn, baby and toddler in.

The material is also very luxurious and has been especially made for baby wearing, stretching horizontally, vertically and even diagonally. I spent over £100 for my Baby Bjorn carrier for my first born, so this feels like a bargain, and something that will definitely grow with me, and my new baby – once I have the hang of all the different positions on offer. It’s definitely going to be a learning curve!

You can buy the JPMBB wrap from JPMBB, Love To Be Natural or Carry My Baby.

MadeForMums verdict:

With two children to care for – one newborn, and one toddler that needs lots of attention and trips to the park, nursery and her play groups, this is a godsend.

I still get the closeness with my new baby, but have the flexibility and free hands to run around with my toddler.

The stretchy, soft and light material feels luxurious for both me and my baby and means that it is comfortable across my back and shoulders – nothing digs in.

Plus there is more than enough fabric to help spread the weight around my hips, buttocks, shoulders and back which allows me to adjust things once out and about with bubba.

The main downfall is the French instruction manual – you WILL need access to a computer to watch the videos.

Also, the fact that there are so many positions you can put your baby in, it can be a bit of a mind-field and it always feels like the wrap or baby is in a slightly different position with each wear.

That said it was perfect to wear around the house until I felt comfortable wearing it for longer periods of time when out.

It means that my hands are free to get on with bits and bobs while baby sleeps. It also allows my toddler to sit in the buggy and enables us to get out the house without lugging around a double buggy or buggy board.

The front pocket is also handy for storing my key or some spare cash – and did I mention that it comes in 41 colour options!?


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Product Specifications

BrandJe Porte Mon Bebe
ModelOriginal Baby Wrap
Suitable for
Child age (approx)From Birth
Child weight3kg to 14kg
Washing instructionsMachine washable
FasteningFabric tie
Carrying positionsBack, front and hip – 3
  • Designed to carry newborn babies from 0–14kg
  • Combines the benefits of both woven and stretchy fabric that
  • Is durable and breathable
  • One size fits all
Head huggerNo