Maclaren Quest

Katie Irving loves her Maclaren Quest because..."It is lightweight but sturdy and brilliant for our journey to and from my work by bus! Zak is 15 months now and is quite tall for his age, yet the size of the Quest means that he still has a lot of room to grow into it.


"I also love how the straps are thick and therefore don't cut into his shoulders or nappy area. The Quest also has foam covered handles, which makes it very comfy to push and there is also a large basket for shopping.

"Overall, the Maclaren Quest is a fab stroller with a decent price tag."

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Claire showing off her Maclaren outside the Alhambra Palace in Spain!

Maclaren Quest

Claire Taylor Hughes also loves her Maclaren Quest because..."It is so good for travelling. This is me with my daughter Hannah at the Alhambra Palace in Spain, but I have also taken it to Jersey, Wales, Cornwall, Glasgow and a few other places. I've lost count of the number of flights, trains and buses it has been on and I can't fault it.

"The Quest is quick to fold and has been bashed about, smeared in suncream and dropped yet is still in brilliant working order."

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Two of Eileen's trusty Maclaren buggies

Maclaren Techno XT

Eileen Teo loves Maclaren so much she not only owns a Maclaren Techno XT, but a Maclaren Twin Techno as well! "We are a massive fan of Maclaren! We got the Techno XT for our first child then had to buy a Twin Techno when we had two close in age! I think my hubby likes them because it is just like a Formula 1 car!"

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We love the pink and black Maclaren colour way!

Maclaren Techno XLR

Rhiannon Legge loves her Maclaren Techno XLR because..."It is extremely simple to fold. It is also robust enough to chuck it about if I am travelling anywhere. I tried my hand at customising this buggy - as you can see from the home-made liner!"

Another of our MFM mums, Jenny Exley, agrees, "My daughter and I love the Maclaren XLR because she has lots of space and the height is great for me due to the adjustable handles."

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Sharma's gorgeous girls on a trip in their Maclaren Twin Techno

Maclaren Twin Techno

Sharma Gaskill loves her Maclaren Twin Techno because..."It is a very good double buggy. The seats are very roomy and it is lovely and smooth to push. I have only been using this buggy for a few weeks as my youngest daughter (on the left of the image) is only 4 weeks old but I already love it."

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Guess which celebrity parents also chose a twin Maclaren buggy for their two daughters?


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