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MadeForMums Toy Awards 2016: Top pet/animal toy

See which 3 toy animals our child judges (and their mums) rated most highly for value for money and play potential


GOLD WINNER: Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy, £49.99

Check out the winning features of Snuggles My Dream Puppy in the video below:


Suitable for: 4+

What it is: A soft, furry animatronic puppy that opens and closes his eyes, yaps and pants, feeds from a bottle and falls asleep in your arms. Comes with a name badge, an ‘adoption certificate’, a feeding bottle and instructions (batteries not included). 

Why we loved it: We really liked the animatronics: they’re cute and realistic without being stitled or annoying noisy. Snuggles’ facial expressions are also very cute, and his fur is very strokeable. Our child judges thought he was the best thing ever and took their new responsibility as puppy owners very seriously – petting, feeding and cuddling Snuggles with delight and care. 

What our child judges made of it:

  • ‘He is brilliant, because he talks, goes to sleep and you can feed him bottles. I like him lots!’ River, 5
  • ‘I love Snuggles so much!’ Libby, 5
  • ‘He looks cute and we love the way he moves and makes a noise when you press his nose!’ Tara, mum to Bodhi Rae, 5


SILVER WINNER: Lion Guard Leap ‘N Roar Kion, £39.99  

Suitable for: 3+

What it is: A 36cm plush version of the lead character from The Lion Guard TV show. Kion roars when you wave your hand in front of his nose, and leaps into action when you press down on his hind legs.  

Why we loved it: A lion that actually roars? What’s not to love! All our child judges had fun with Kion, whether they knew the TV show or not: they particularly liked his large size, his roar and his very soft fur.

What our child judges made of it:

  • ‘His head and mouth movements are fun, and he is so soft and lovely to stroke.’ Claire, mum to Elijah, 3
  • ‘He is so soft! I just like him.’ Oscar, 4
  • Ava loves the roaring and the head turning.’ Claire, mum to Ava, 4


BRONZE WINNER: Stretchkins, £19.99

Suitable for: 3+

What it is: A large (78cm) soft animal, with incredibly stretchy arms and legs. The feet and hands have straps your child can put their own hands and feet in, so the toy then stretches to your child’s size and moves around with him or her. Comes as a puppy, pony, unicorn, elephant, tiger or frog.

Why we loved it: It’s very cuddly and huggable, and our child judges liked stretching it out to be a ‘just like me’ sized toy. Not all our child judges were sold on the idea of walking around with a cuddly animal attached to them but, for those who were, it was lovely, comforting fun.

What our child judges made of it:

  • ‘It’s made from a beautiful soft fabric – and it’s good for dancing with!’ Rebecca, mum to George, 4
  • ‘Oscar loves Stretchkins. He likes how soft it feels and how cuddly it is as well.’ Sarah, mum to Oscar, 4

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