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10 of the best gifts for mums-to-be

Gifts which are pampering, practical and personalised for expectant mothers

Mothers' Day gifts for mums to be

Mothers’ Day is the time to take a moment and appreciate all the mums in the world and everything they do for us and others. For expecting mums, it’s also a moment for them to consider the life they’ll be shortly bringing into the world and enjoy a little me-time or pampering before the day arrives.


We’ve put together a list of some best mum-to-be mothers’ day gifts which will show them you’re thinking about them on this special day.

We’ve included everything from keepsakes to pamper products which will be perfect for the final countdown as well as the very start.

Here’s our pick of 10 of the best Mothers’ Day gifts for mums to be

1. Babymel Molly Changing Bag, Grey Stripe, £40.19

Every new mum will need a changing bag to keep all the nappies, wipes, toys and endless bits and pieces for baby together.

Babymel’s Molly changing bag looks stylish while still being practical, as it’s made from a water-resistant canvas which can be easily wiped clean.

There’s an insulated bottle holder which can keep things warm or cool for up to four hours, plus a padded changing mat which you can chuck straight in the washing machine. It slots over some pram handles, too.

Available from: Amazon, John Lewis

2. Mama Mio Bloomin’ Lovely Pamper Pack, £35

If you’re looking for Mother’s Day hamper ideas, this set from Mama Mio could be a cost-effective way to get your hands on some of their popular products.

The pack includes a butter, cream, spritz and balm which are safe to use during pregnancy and also while breast-feeding, so the products will still be useful once the baby is born.

Mums-to-be who received the gift seemed pleased, with one customer commenting, “Amazing kit. I loved the butter anyway but combined with all the other products (which seem to be for every bit of my body), it made the perfect pre-push present to me.”

Available from: JoJo Maman Bebe, John Lewis, Mio Skincare

3. Dream Genii Pregnancy Support Pillow, £44.99

To help get some much-needed rest, lots of mums-to-be rely on pregnancy pillows. This one from Dream Genii is one of our past silver award winners (2018) and is a reasonable price compared to other well-performing pillows on the market.

Previous buyers appear to agree, as the pillow averages four out of five stars on Amazon from more than 250 reviews.

One soon-to-be mum said, “The back support is great and feels lovely in the small of your back…The ‘sausage’-like bit that goes between your legs is firm enough that it doesn’t really squash down too much when you’ve got your legs around it, but it’s thin enough so that you can move your legs if you need to, so you don’t get cramp.”

Read our full review of the Dream Genii Pregnancy Support Pillow

Available from: Amazon, JoJo Maman Bebe

4. Personalised Weekly ‘Bump’ Pregnancy Journal, £27

Pregnancy is a magical time, so gifting a journal to document all those special moments could be a really thoughtful first Mother’s Day gift.

This one from Not on the High Street can be personalised to make it extra sentimental and there’s also various gift wrapping and gift box options (from £3.00 extra) if you’d like it to arrive ready to be gifted.

Previous buyers had positive comments to say such as, “I absolutely love my journal. It’s beautiful and exactly what I needed,” and “Beautiful book [and] very good quality.”

Available from: Not on the High Street

5. Vital Touch Natalia Prenatal Bath Soak, £8.75

There are few things as simple and relaxing as a lovely hot bath. Pamper products could be a lovely gift for a new mum to enjoy the peace and quiet while she can before her little one arrives.

Vital Touch’s bath soak is made from blended essential oils such as French Lavender, Madagascan Ylang Ylang and organic British Calendula which it says should help ease sore muscles.

The soak is free from any animal products or perfumes and even uses a natural coconut ingredient to create the lovely bubbles, instead of chemicals.

Available from: Vital Touch

6. Personalised Baby Countdown Plaque, £7.99

As the date of baby’s arrival gets closer, noting the days left on a dedicated plaque is a unique way to cross the days of the calendar. This one on Etsy can be personalised to make it extra special and features a chalkboard heart to rewrite each remaining day.

One customer bought this as a thoughtful first Mothers’ Day gift and said, “This is exactly what I wanted for a present for my best friend expecting her first! Excellent quality and lovely product.”

Available from: Etsy

7. Congratulations pregnancy necklace, £21.33

Aside from the birth itself, one of the most exciting moments of pregnancy is the very beginning, with the announcement itself.

If you’re looking for a gift to congratulate a close friend on their wonderful news, something like this stork necklace could be a lovely choice.

The jewellery is handmade from sterling silver and is presented on a card with a touching message of joy for the brand new mum-to-be.

Available from: Etsy

8. Bambino triple scan photo frame, £11.99

The first glimpse any expecting parents can get of their new baby is during the sonogram. A specially sized frame like this one is a sentimental way to display that first moment through until the day the little one arrives.

Other customers who bought the keepsake seemed pleased, with one buyer saying, “I bought this for my brother and his partner. It’s a beautiful frame and I was jealous that it’s nicer than the one I got. They loved it and it’s also quite neutral, so it doesn’t matter what you are having.”

Available from: Amazon

9. The Peaceful Pregnancy Colouring Book, £7.60

For more creative mum to be Mothers’ Day gifts, something like this colouring book could be an interesting choice. The book contains over 100 artistic images of mums, babies and nature which can be shaded in.

Colouring is often a calming, mindful process which could help a new mum to be unwind and relax during her pregnancy before the big day arrives.

Available from: Amazon, Blackwells

10. Mum to Be Letter Box Gift Set, £39.95

If you’re looking for a Mothers’ Day gift for a new mum who you might not see in person, this pregnancy gift set could be a handy choice. It comes ready packaged in a box which should fit through most letterboxes, meaning you can post it directly to them.

This set contains a range of products from British producers and has 136 reviews averaging five out of five stars on Not on the High Street. Previous buyers left lots of positive comments such as, “I bought this as a gift for my friend and it arrived at her house. She was so happy with it. She said the baby bump cream was great and she was so impressed with the packaging and that all products were organic.”

Available from: Not on the High Street, Letterbox Gifts


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