Mother’s Day gifts for you – printable tokens

A lie-in, brekkie in bed, washing-up free day, massage and even good behaviour from your children - all free, all yours...


Massage tokens

Whether it’s a foot massage or your partner dedicating some serious time to work the tension out of your back muscles, these tokens should be cashed in at a time of your choosing.


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Breakfast in bed tokens

To be fair, breakfast in bed often sounds better than it actually is. The best possible outcome is a) Your partner’s heavily involved, something rather delicious arrives, and all without you having to get out of the bed and tend to the kids’ needs first. The slightly more realistic outcome is b) The toast is burnt, eggs a bit crunchy (yummy, shells) and the tea rather cold, possibly with you needing to get back into bed to eat it, after feeding the baby/toddler/cat. Please note, this token does not guarantee you’ll get outcome a).

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Lie in tokens

Let’s face it, getting a little extra sleep is priceless.,,

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Washing up free day tokens

A great chore to avoid on Mother’s Day, especially if you’ve been made breakfast in bed by your kids using every bowl, pan and utensil you’ve ever owned, and others that you didn’t know you had.

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Good behaviour tokens

Possibly the cream of the crop. For one day only, watch your children try to stop whingeing, crying, pulling the cat’s tail, putting sticky fingers on your clothes. Definitely a Mother’s Day to remember…

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