Quinny Buzz review

Quinny has been designing and making buggies for over 50 years, and there’s no doubt that one of its most popular products is the Quinny Buzz. Available as either a 3-wheeler (Buzz 3) or a 4-wheeler (Buzz 4), Quinny gives you the choice to pick the one that suits you best.


With a stylish design that definitely puts you in the modern-loving mum category, the Buzz 3 can work forward-facing or parent-facing, with a pushchair seat, carrycot or car seat. By popping off the rear wheels, is small enough to fit inside a car boot. Phew, this is definitely one buggy that has everything covered!

One of the standout features is the pneumatic folding mechanism, but our 4-star review of the Buzz 3 highlights the buggy’s other top qualities, and a few low points, too.

“I have never had a single problem with the Quinny Buzz – it’s the best pushchair we have ever had,” one mum said, when we asked MFM mums why they love the Quinny Buzz so much. Take a look what other mums said about this popular buggy, plus check out their super-cute snaps, too.

Posh Spice received a Quinny buggy as a baby shower gift - lucky!

Quinny’s celebrity fans

When Victoria Beckham celebrated her fourth pregnancy with a fancy baby shower, we weren’t focusing on her stylish outfit (even if you could see it through all the toilet paper!). What interested us was her guests carting a Quinny Buzz buggy into the party as one of Posh Spice’s gifts!

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Another celebrity admirer of the Quinny Buzz is classical singer Myleene Klass. Yummy mummy Myleene was snapped pushing daughter Ava in the modern-looking Buzz.

How cute is the Quinny Zapp Xtra when combined with the Maxi-Cosi Pebble?

Quinny Zapp and Zapp Xtra reviews

For a lightweight, quick-to-use buggy, Quinny’s Zapp fits the bill. Claiming to be the “smallest buggy in the world” the Zapp 3D-folds into an extremely compact size (23cm x 25cm x 64cm), making it an ideal choice for both a quick pop to the shops or for throwing into the car boot for day trips. Just be wary of what surfaces you travel on, as our reviewer of the Zapp found the buggy is best on urban terrain, rather than off-road adventures.

In 2010, Quinny launched a new and improved version of the Zapp, called the Zapp Xtra. Boasting stylish and funky looks and a lie-flat seat position, the Zapp Xtra is suitable from birth (unlike the original Zapp) and can switch between forward and parent facing positions. It also made our 10 of the best buggies under £250. Read our review of the Zapp Xtra buggy to find out more improved features.

Another highlight of the Zapp Xtra is it's travel system compatible - the chassis can be combined with either the Maxi-Cosi Pebble car seat or the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix car seat. Read our review of the Zapp Xtra travel system to see why it scored an impressive 4 stars (out of 5).

It’s no wonder we had a huge response when we asked why mums love their Quinny Zapp Xtra so much.

You can take the 3-wheeler Speedi SX on all your adventures

Quinny Speedi review

“This 3-wheeler really does sail magnificently over every terrain, and is great for those living in the countryside. It’s a nice piece of engineering and although bulky it folds up to an easily-stored size,” our reviewer says about the Speedi SX. The final score? An impressive 4 stars out of 5.

The Speedi SX, nicknamed “off-roader extraordinaire”, has a 360-degree swivel front wheel and a lightweight aluminium frame. It’s travel system compatible if you add the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix car seat and can have the Quinny Dreami pram body added too, although the Speedi is suitable for a newborn without these attachments.

The Speedi SX is so popular it made the 10 best buggies chosen by MFM mums. This stylish 3-wheeler also made our 10 of the most compact folding buggies and 10 of the best buggies for less than £350.

The Quinny Senzz forms the basis of a lightweight travel system

Quinny Senzz review

Another travel system in the Quinny range is the Senzz, which is again compatible with both of Maxi-Cosi's Group 0+ car seats. Weighing only 9.8kg as a travel system, and only 8.4kg as a buggy, read our review of the Senzz to discover more reasons why this chic lightweight works so well.

Although the 4-wheel buggy states it’s suitable from birth, this is only the case if you purchase the additional Senzz carrycot. A big plus point for the Senzz is that it stands up on its own when folded – perfect for when visiting restaurants and for storing away in small spaces.

The Quinny Moodd is almost too cool for school

Quinny buggy news and sneak peeks

Hot off the press! Back in September, MadeForMums bagged you an exclusive first look of Quinny’s brand new buggy, the Moodd. The buggy is now in shops and being tested by one of MFM's professional reviewers, so stay tuned

The Moodd is Quinny’s first premium-priced pushchair. With cutting-edge good looks and a sleek design, it won't be for all tastes or budgets, but it is certainly going to turn heads.

MFM also coaxed Quinny into revealing more news about another new buggy, the Yezz. Now available to buy, we're told the Yezz has a strong, long-lasting frame and is extremely smooth to push. Plus it’s so lightweight Quinny claims you can easily carry it over your shoulder! These are all features our reviewer is currently putting to the test.


Look out for the Moodd and Yezz reviews coming soon.