Di Coke proves that you can do a lot with a small amount of mixture. This adorable pancake is simple, effective and looks like perfect fuel for very hungry caterpillars.


Rocket pan man

Kathleen Hooper's exciting savoury version certainly looks like it'd pack a punch. Although this savvy mum assures us she removed the chilli before any little mouths go to it. Phew!



Emily Ann Morris' octopus-shaped pancake was a dead cert for 8th place. We thought this could be a very inventive way of making use of any pesky dribbles of batter in the pan, too. Nice work, mum!


Chocolate extravaganza

Christine V Taylor's super chocolately entry with delicately placed jelly beans got our vote for looking simply delicious. Bravo for getting such a perfect circle too!


Train pancake

Catherine Hughes' family shows that pancakes don't always need to be round. This adorable version of the Fat Controller and Ernest the Train is flipping brilliant.

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Owl pancake

Lya Thomas' family know how to rock fatter pancakes, giving this owl an adorable chubby face. Clearly a family of wise owls when it comes to pancake making.



Lindy Hamilton talked us through this pancake masterpiece - definitely something to try at home. Take several pancakes, a lot of food dye and some expert scissor skills to create your very own burger and chips. Seriously cool.


Fairytale pancake

Raj Sandhu combined Jelly Babies, popping candy and pancakes to make a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs scene. The super-sugary treat looks amazing but we do think it'll turn your little ones into the eighth and lesser known dwarf - Hyper!


Pirate pancake

Vicky Morton's family went to the high seas with their pancake creation. This scary pirate is a work of art that should never have to walk the plank. Although we hope someone did eat him eventually!


Pancakes on the beach

Caroline Elmhirst's tropical pancake paradise is our competition winner! MFM HQ was blown away by the detail, colours and groovy addition of a toy swimmer. Bravo!