There are loads of cafes and coffee shops and the like designed purely for kids - but what about when mum and dad want to enjoy their surroundings, too?


These UK cafes combine kid-friendly activities, an open environment, delicious treats and great coffee with cool, Instagram-able interiors and exteriors.

Our picks come from way down south in London and Bristol, all the way up to Northern and Scottish cities like Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow - with a few picks from cities nearer the middle, like Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham.

Check out our 15 picks for the best Instagram-worthy, family-friendly cafes in the UK...

1. Peggy Porschen, London

Why we love it: Amazing cakes, cute cookies, and the exterior is perfectly pink, as if it were made for Instagram. Pic by @si_sichen

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2. Crafty Play Café at Three Sisters Bake, Glasgow

Why we love it: Three Sisters Bake is an uber cool cafe, but on Tuesdays? Transforms into a soft play-and-arty craft session. Family-friendly on all days, too, if soft play's not your thing!

3. Biscuiteers Icing Café, London

Why we love it: In Northcote and Notting Hill, you and your little ones can decorate biscuits with all kinds of icing. A very Instagram-worthy concept, especially if your child has a talent for baking.

Yep, it'll probably set you back a bit, but it's a fab treat for the whole family. You can never have too many family-friendly activities... right?

4. Ernest, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Why we love it: Near a host of trendy venues in Ouseburn and Stepney Bank (near the centre of Newcastle) is Ernst, a cosy, picture-perfect brunch spot and lunch stop - with highchairs and a few toys to keep babies and toddlers occupied.

They also, according to blogger Sprog On The Tyne, host a weekly baby social, giving mums and dads a little time to chill and enjoy a coffee while baby's playing. Pic by @elizabethkatkin

5. Our Kid, Manchester

Why we love it: A cool, dark brick exterior, pops of colour everywhere, and a name reflecting the local slang, this Chorlton cafe is very cool. It's also specifically a cafe for families. So, you know you'll be OK if your little one throws a paddy.

It's also a shop filled with some seriously cute goodies. So, you can ignore the tantrums and do a bit of light shopping instead ?

6. Café Craft, Birmingham

Why we love it: Kids and grown-up can muck in making and painting their own pottery or jewellery creations in this colourful cafe in Bearwood, Birmingham.

Also, the hot chocolates come topped with a mountain of marshmallows and a flake. Yay! P.S. Great for kids parties, too.

7. Proper Coffee House, Margate

Why we love it: Margate's a lovely little coastal town in Kent, perfect for a family visit. Proper Coffee House has snap-worthy cupcakes, plenty of vegan options, home-brewed coffee and a warm atmosphere for visitors with little ones in tow.

8. Wigwam Coffee, Liverpool

Why we love it: Lots going on at Wigwam - best suited for babies under 2. There's a soft play area in the middle of the room, that you can see from every table.

Best for a cuppa and a snack rather than breakfast, as some parents suggest. They say it's definitely noisy, because it's a proper kid-focussed establishment. Still, you're guaranteed to get a cute Insta pic while you're here. Pic by @swaley.willow

9. Café Retreat, Bristol

Why we love it: Lots of green space for kids to roam, plus outdoor seating for summer and, whatever the weather, a classic exterior shot of the old fashioned entrance for the 'gram.

10. Rocket And Orange, near Stockport

Why we love it: This Altrincham cafe serves specialty coffee, as well as vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free snacks for little ones (and grown-ups) to enjoy. There's plenty of play space, too.

Just a little bit more funky-looking than your average

11. Brew & Brownie, York

Why we love it: Busy and oh-so-popular, Brew & Brownie's pancakes stacks are a must for little foodies to try - and they don't make for a bad brunch shot, either!

Make sure you arrive with plenty of time to nab the perfect table, though...

12. Joy Tots, Edinburgh

Why we love it: A self-described 'baby craft cafe', Joy Tots offers delish coffees and sweet treats for parents to indulge in, along with drop-in craft sessions, set classes and a fun, safe play area. And it looks great on the 'gram.

13. The Early Bird, Cardiff

Why we love it: Just cos you want somewhere your child is welcome and free to play, doesn't mean you don't want delicious grub, right? Desserts from the Early Bird bakery are epic, and we're pretty sure made for a cheeky Instagram snap.

14. Komedia Arts Cafe, Bath

Why we love it: Bath's premiere comedy venue also has a cafe - which parents say is great for coffee or lunch with babies and toddlers in tow. Expect friendly service, a good kids menu and an area for little ones to play and roam.

And one in Ireland… 15. Fallon & Byrne, Dublin

Why we love it: This chain has numerous venues, and can work for either coffee/lunch, but always has a relaxed atmosphere, gelato galore, highchairs and a yummy kids menu.

We love the vintage car and pastel interior, perfect for a great Insta post, as proven above! Comes recommended by blogger Dublin City Mum, too.

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