Stuck for simple Halloween costumes this year? A mini vampire's always a safe bet - especially since it's so easy to face paint.


Just follow our 3-step vampire face paint tutorial and your little one will be trick or treat ready in no time ?

What you'll need

  • White face paint
  • Red face paint
  • Black face paint
  • A make up or face paint brush

Just add...

A vampire cape with crazy collar, or similar costume - check out our favourite Halloween costumes for kids here.

Step 1

vampire tutorial

Using white face paint, draw fangs from each corner of the mouth. Then with red face paint, add some drips of blood from each fang, carefully paint the lips, and add a line at the outer corner of each eye.

Step 2

vampire tutorial

Using black face paint, draw exaggerated eyebrows and an upturned triangle at the hairline. Carefully outline each fang.

Step 3


Again using black face paint, draw bat shapes on the forehead and cheeks. Now, you have your very own little vampire!

For more fun face painting ideas, visit Snazaroo

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