As Halloween approaches, you might be wondering what costume your baby, toddler or child will be wearing?


Nothing says All Hallows' Eve like a spooky (or cute) pumpkin. And in this 3-step tutorial, using just 3 colours, we'll show you how to turn your little one's face into this classic Halloween symbol.

What you'll need

  • Black face paint
  • Orange face paint
  • Dark green face paint
  • A make up or face paint brush
  • A sponge
  • Some water

Just add...

A pumpkin-themed romper or full-on orange costume - check out our faves for babies, toddlers and beyond here.

Step 1

pumpkin beginning face paint tutorial

Using a damp sponge and orange paint, apply a base coat over the whole face, leaving a clear area in the top corner of the forehead.

Step 2

pumpkin face paint tutorial

With dark green paint and the brush, draw on the stem of the pumpkin in the clear area, adding wiggly lines as leaves.

Step 3


Now for the delicate part! Take the black paint, using a thin brush, and draw an outline around the orange base. Add in a few more lines to represent the grooves of the pumpkin on the cheeks and forehead, and you're done!

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