Is it OK to send your kids to grandma EVERY weekend?

Our mums were pretty evenly split on this one...


A while ago, we shared the story of a television presenter and her husband who sent their kids off to stay with their grandparents every weekend so they could have a break and some ‘couple’ time.


Now, here at MFM HQ, none of us are adverse to getting our folks or friends to help out with a cheeky date night once in a while, or, for a special occasion, asking them to do an overnight babysitting job.

But the thought of every single weekend without the kids? That was a new one for us.

So, we decided to ask our mum what they thought about it. Here’s what you told us….

‘How nice!’

“The grandmother gets to see her grandchildren every week from Friday night till Sunday morning. How nice is that tho!

“A grandmother actually having time to spend with there grandchild. Wish my children had the chance to do that,” says Amber W, who reckons it’s a great idea – if you get the chance.

‘I’ll happily have my grandkids as often as I can’

Michelle M agrees: “Some grandparents didn’t get the chance of being around seeing their kids growing up because of work commitments and want to do what they can to help their families out.

“I’ll happily have my grandkids when the time comes as often as I can.”

‘My mum…loves having her grandchildren with her’

And Victoria W sees it as a sitch that works for everyone:

“My mum doesn’t have my kids every weekend but she does have them regularly Sat-Sun and if she doesn’t have them for a while, she asks for them!” she says.

“She loves having her grandchildren with her ‘cos she still has to work during the week so that’s the only time she gets to see them and I make most of the time on my own catching up with sleep!! Every family is different.”

On the other side of the coin, though, a fair few of you reckoned every weekend was a bit of a tall order – for grandma, as much as as anyone else.

‘Grandparents…don’t need to raise their kids’ kids’

“So the grandmother never gets a weekend to herself,” points out Imelda B.

“You have kids you have responsibilities. An odd weekend to themselves is more than enough.

“Grandparents raised their own kids, they don’t need to raise their kids’ kids.”

‘Why have kids if you want to have every weekend without them?’

And Simone C says: “The family obviously have a great set of grandparents but why have kids if you want to have every weekend without them?

“Personally for me the weekend is a time where I can spend it with my family – kids included.”

‘It’s quite extreme’

“That sounds like ‘make the children fit in with us’ rather than adapt your life around your children,” says Ruth N.

“I think this is quite extreme.”

What do you think?

Would you send the kids off to gran and grandad every weekend if you had the opportunity? Perhaps you do and it works well – or perhaps you think it’s a bit much? 

Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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