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Free downloadable Jubilee flags and red, white and blue bunting printables

Celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee by downloading for free these Union Jack bunting templates to print, colour and make

Downloadable union jack bunting flags

In June 2022, HRH The Queen celebrates her Platinum Jubilee marking an incredible 70 years on the throne (the only British monarch to do so). There will be parties, picnics, street games and events up and down the UK.


You can make your own Platinum Jubilee bunting with our easy-to-use free downloadables and our step-by-step instructions:

Free Platinum Jubilee bunting templates to download, print and make

1. Union Jack bunting to colour in – save on printing costs

Download Union Jack colour-in bunting from MadeForMums to colour in

2. Full colour Union Jack bunting

Download Union Jack bunting from MadeForMums

3. Red, white and blue bunting template

White bunting – This is the ink-friendly printable bunting! Just black ink is required for the outline. As well as using this as white bunting, it’s also a great template to colour in.

Download white bunting from MadeForMums

Red bunting – Printing this option is the fast way to make red bunting, but if you’re keen to save on ink, try the white bunting above, and get your children busy with red paint, markers or crayons.

Download red bunting from MadeForMums

Blue bunting – Print with coloured ink for blue bunting, or just opt for the white bunting above, and have your children colour it in with blue markers, pencils, crayons or paint.

Download blue bunting from MadeForMums

Prefer to buy some bunting?

  • Union Jack pennant bunting – £4.99 from Party Delights
  • 70 years Jubilee bunting – £9.99 from Amazon
  • Make Arcade Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Mini Bunting Sewing kit – £22 from John Lewis

Instructions: How to make bunting

You will need:

  • Printer
  • A4 paper (you need one piece for one triangle)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Something to string the triangle on to
  • Something to hold the bunting securely in place when up (or leave enough string at either end to securely tie up)

To make the bunting:

  • Print out as many triangles as you need to make the desire length of bunting
  • Cut out each shape
  • Fold the paper back along the dotted line (so the tab is sitting behind the coloured side)
  • Glue or stick the tab down – you don’t want to glue the entire tab because you need a space to thread the ribbon or string through to hang the bunting
  • If you want the triangles to be spaced apart, you can fold the tab over the ribbon/string and glue the triangle in place on the strand

Bunting safety

Be mindful of where and how securely you hang your bunting as it could be a strangulation/choking hazard. It’s not safe to have it anywhere it could be reached by a young child (even by them climbing onto furniture). Make sure it is securely tied or tacked up – you don’t want it falling down and becoming within reach of a child, and ensure there are no dangling ends of string or ribbon for an eager child to grab.

Of course, if you want to avoid lengths of string or ribbon entirely, you can just print out the triangles, cut off the fold-over tab and stick on the wall individually, with pointed edges touching.

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