Make your own Coronation bunting with our range of easy-to-use free printables and our step-by-step instructions...


Free Coronation bunting templates to download, print and make

1. Union Jack bunting to colour in

Printable union jack bunting to colour in

This black-and-white printable bunting template saves on printing costs and allows your child to get busy with the red, white and blue crayons. Perfect for adorably home-made Union Jack Coronation decorations! Follow the How to make bunting instructions below to see how to make up a line of bunting and string it around the house.

Download black and white Union Jack bunting to colour in

2. Full colour Union Jack bunting

Downloadable union jack flags for bunting

If you'd rather print your bunting ready-coloured in red, white and blue, this template's the one you need. If your child's a dab hand with a glue stick (or at least not super-ridiculously-messy!), making up the string of bunting is a nice little craft activity. Follow the How to make bunting instructions below to see how it's done.

Download full-colour Union Jack bunting

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3. Red, white and blue bunting templates

Red blue white bunting template

We've also got individual templates for white bunting, red bunting and blue bunting, so that you can create a lovely patriotic bunting string in your own pattern and style. The white bunting template is particularly good for printing out for older children who'd enjoy drawing their own Coronation pictures – or maybe for getting toddlers involved by making red, white and blue handprints.

Download white bunting

Download red bunting

Download blue bunting

How to make your Coronation bunting: easy step by step instructions

You will need:

  • Printer
  • A4 paper (1 sheet for each triangle)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • String or ribbon, cut to the length of bunting you need (you'll need extra if you're not using Blu-Tack or sticky tape, below; if you don't want to use string or ribbon, see the alternative version below)
  • Blu-Tack or sticky tape for securing the bunting line (optional)

To make the bunting:

  1. Print out as many triangles as you need to make the desired length of bunting
  2. Cut out each triangle
  3. Fold the paper back along the dotted line, so that the tab is not visible on the coloured/right side
  4. Glue along the edge of the tab (don't glue the whole tab) and stick the tab edge down to the triangle, leaving some space to thread the ribbon or string through
  5. Repeat with each triangle
  6. Thread your string or ribbon through the triangles
  7. String up your bunting, using Blu-Tack or sticky tape to secure it in place. If you don't want to use Blu-Tack or sticky tape, use the ends of the string or ribbon to tie the bunting in place.
  • If you want your Coronation-themed triangles spaced apart...

If you don't want the triangles to be touching each other, then have your string/ribbon ready at Step 4, and use more glue on the tabs. Then position each triangle where you want it on the string/ribbon and fold the tab over the ribbon/string when you glue it into place.

  • If you don't want to use string/ribbon...

Just print out the triangles, cut off the fold-over tab and each stick on the wall/door/window individually.

How to string bunting safely

Be mindful of where and how securely you hang your bunting as otherwise it could be a strangulation/choking hazard for children.

It's not safe to hang up your bunting anywhere within reach of a young child – if you're child is mobile, do factor the possibility of them climbing onto furniture.

Make sure it is really securely tied or tacked up, so that it can't fall down or sag and become within reach of a child. Make sure, too, that there are no dangling ends of string or ribbon that an excited child could grab.


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