Budget Mummy - Money saving tips


A fine example of penny-pinching and frugality made fun. Budget mum Fiona reveals how she bags bargains by swapping everything from books to designer clothes online and has some fab ideas for stay-at-home mums (SAHMs) to make some extra cash.


The Real Supermum - Inspiration to struggling mums

With a brood of six and herself dealing with depression, Emma writes an inspiring blog aiming to help fellow mums. She is a confidante to those struggling with depression and domestic abuse, and even offers business advice to aspiring mumpreneurs.


Frugal Family - Living on a budget

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Cass blogs about her family’s quest to downsize its spending, and make what little time two working parents have really count with their children. She reveals everyday lifestyle changes that save her family money and has great advice about cheap activities, indoor fun and budget meal planning.


Expat Mum In Portugal - Moving your family abroad

Christine and her husband upped sticks and moved to Portugal with their two young daughters for a more laid back life in the sunshine. Of course nothing quite went to plan! But they muddled through difficult times and Christine’s blog is an inspiration for parents determined to economise to achieve their family’s dreams.


The Imagination Tree - Creative craft making ideas

From full-time teacher to full-time mum, Anna has introduced arts and crafts to her two toddlers in a big way. She’s got loads of fun ways to entertain and stimulate children’s minds without breaking the bank and her blog has a wide community of crafty mums swapping ideas.


Amelie’s House - Home baking recipes for all the family

Natasha left behind a job as a senior textile designer to shift her talents to her own home and family. She mostly blogs about cake making with a twist and shows you how to combine art with baking. But you don’t need to have her expert design skills to make these yummy cakes, just pick a design and have fun trying!


Sticky Fingers - Working from home mum

Tara works from home with a child "hanging off each leg". She blogs about her family life, parenting issues, the witty and wonderful things her little ones say and recommends lots of unique ideas to keep them occupied.


The Crafty Mummy - Mummy making craft ideas

This creative blog teaches you how to make all sorts of lovely goodies. Craft your own quilt, coin purse or baby leg warmers and find links to cute knitting patterns for baby clothes. We just love the funky fabric origami.


Lakes Single Mum - Moving home single handed

Single mum-of-two Becky blogs about her new life in Cumbria, after taking the plunge and moving her young family halfway across the UK. She writes about the highs and lows of single parenting, has great children’s book recommendations and tips for keeping the family healthy.


Confessions Of A Single Mum - Ups and downs of lone parenting

Kairen wittily advises and entertains mums on everything in her single parent world. Becoming a single parent can be daunting so Kairen's reassuring experiences remind every lone parent they're not alone. And Kairen’s living proof that juggling single parenthood, dating and a career IS possible.


The Secret Diary Of A Single Mum - Her brood is growing up

Sian is a mum-of-two on a mission to create camaraderie among single parents on the web. Her heart-warming blog depicts the humour and hardships of raising a teenager and a 9-year-old on her own and how rewarding she finds being a single mum. If you are in need of some motivation, Sian’s light-hearted take on important issues is ideal.


Family Affairs And Other Matters - Adjusting to single parenting

Navigating a divorce with three children in tow may not seem like a very jolly topic for a blog, but Lulu’s engaging writing and can-do attitude makes for an inspiring and entertaining read.


Two Stars And A Swirl - Dealing with fussy eaters

Jo is a single mum in a constant battle with her son, fussy eater Ben. She blogs about her solutions to Ben’s picky eating and getting him involved in gardening. She also sheds light on confusing issues such as child support and what single parents’ rights and entitlements are.


Baby Rambles - The proactive day out planner

Professional writer and mum-of-three Emily uses her personal blog as a window into chaotic family life and a place to review children’s gear and days out. If you want to know where to go or what to take, here's the place to start! She also posts interesting blogs discussing issues facing modern parents.


A place of my own - Dealing with postnatal depression

Kelly talks about the ups and downs of being a mum suffering from postnatal depression. Her blog is a wonderful, realistic account of her everyday fears and joys as she cares for her two young children, and is a must-read for anyone experiencing PND.


Jo Beaufoix - The light-hearted blog

Jo blogs about her family life – sometimes on a serious note, but mostly with a healthy touch of sarcasm and funny anecdotes. Pop over for a heart-warming glimpse into the life of a full-time mum to two girls.


The Hasler Show - A day in the life of a baby

Felix was born 14 weeks premature and spent the first nine weeks of his life in hospital. He may only have been home for a few months, but he’s already mastered the web and is blogging about how he’s getting on! Must be a hard life with all his family and friends constantly hugging and kissing him… A gorgeous blog of hope for parents with preemie babies.


Tired Mom - Caring for children with autism

No wonder she’s tired! Margie manages to find time to blog amid taking care of her autistic daughter and her baby son, who’s begun to show autistic tendencies. She herself suffers from of Fibromyalgia and her husband has ADD, so life can be more than a little hectic. But she takes each day as it comes and hopes to help and inspire other parents of special needs children.


Daniel’s Diary - The triumphs and challenges of autism

Natural optimist Sally blogs about life with her autistic 4-year-old Daniel and his brother (and sidekick) Matthew. She uses her blog to recount her triumphs and achievements as well as the frustrations of bringing up an autistic child.


A boy with Aspergers - Coping with a child who's different

Hearing the diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome hit mum-of-three Claire hard but once she reminded herself her son was the same boy she’d known since the day he was born, she realised she could cope. Dealing with a child on medication and two younger siblings while her husband’s at work is a challenge but she reveals in her blog how she does it every day.


Moaning Mum - Music, mania and keeping sane

With three sisters living just doors away, a husband who won’t grow up and two mischievous sons, life can be manic for not-really-that-moany mum Natasha. Not to mention that she's also trying to break into the music industry in her spare time. Follow her hilarious adventures as she "attempts not to lose the plot".


More Than Just A Mother - IVF and dealing with loss

If you’re often tempted to put your children to bed early and crack open a bottle of wine, this blog’s for you, according to mum writer Emily. After going through the difficult experiences of IVF, premature birth and losing one of her twins to meningitis, she’s learned to take life as it comes and her strength, humour and determination shine out of each post.


Insomniac Mummy - Adjusting to an expanding family

Desperately wishing for a good night’s sleep, Ellie’s humorous train-of-thought style makes for an easy read. We totally sympathise with the massive change she experienced going from one child to two, and love her honest blogging. She’s also a great one to follow for tasty recipes and have a giggle at the potty training pandemonium she goes through.


Home Office Mum - Finding a new career when you're a full time mum

Running a business from home and looking after the kids is challenging enough, but not for Melissa. She’s just sold her business and is ready for a brand new career path. We love her advice on the dos and don'ts for juggling a career, a husband and two sons.


Mad Mother Red - Dealing with pregnancy and depression

Pregnancy isn’t always the glowing, softly lit path to paradise we want to believe and Madeleine’s blog is the down-to-earth reality. As well as her struggles with depression, she blogs about not being a perfect mum-to-be and offers reassurance for anyone feeling more beached whale than earth mother.


Mummy Cool - Surviving the terrible teens

Having four children between the ages of 5 and 15, Jodie writes about the full spectrum of parenting experiences. While she’s Facebook friends with her eldest daughter’s boyfriend, at the other end of the scale, she’s got her 5-year-old son bossing her around (and ruling the world, if you believe his mum!). A definite must-read, especially if your family spans a wide age range.


Super Mummy -SAHM heading back to work

Julie-Ann is trying to climb the career ladder while sending her children to the naughty step. She's loved being a SAHM but has now decided to combine it with a career. Considering heading back to work? Here’s an inspirational place to start.


The Bush Babies - SAHM trying to find time with her husband

Worried your toddler’s already taking a bit too much interest in your iPad? You’re not alone. Annabelle blogs her worries about the changing world and how her tots are more technological than she is. Should she ban the DS or give in for peace and quiet…? If only we could all answer that!


Elsie Button - moving from the city to the country

Elsie started blogging to create an online keepsake for her daughter, but was soon sucked into the fun of the blogosphere. Sharing reassurance, parenting anecdotes and tips with other mummy bloggers led her to continue trading tales of family life far longer than she expected. After moving out to the countryside to “live the dream”, she's carried on recording her experiences. Great reading for anyone hoping to exchange the big smoke for some green grass.


The Mum Blog - putting the glam into mummy blogging

One of the original and most prolific mummy bloggers, journalist Liz Jarvis writes about everything from career dilemmas to travelling and of course, there’s the odd mention of her son in there too! From interviewing Hollywood stars to meeting up with fellow bloggers over one too many tequilas, you’ll be inspired to create your own mummy blog and get involved!


The Young Mum Chronicles - Starting your family young


Young mum Hannah is fighting the unflattering stereotype many mums of her age get lumped into. After having her first baby Esmae at 22, she became so fed up of people assuming she had become a parent by accident, she started her blog to show people that young mums can be great mums too. As an aspiring writer, Hannah’s funny blogs are a great read and a reassuring nod to young mums like her.