Nannies offer a personalised one to one care

A full-time nanny

Will usually work mon-fri, often 7am-7pm


A part-time nanny

Will work part time often to fit in with a mother who works part-time. Or she may nannyshare with another family so is with you on a part-time basis.

A live-in nanny

Will share your home (or accommodation in the same vicinity as your home) and is a nanny for whom you provide the food and pay all expenses.

A live-out nanny

Will live away from your home and pay her own living expenses.

An after-school nanny

Will care for the children after school, this includes school pick up, overseeing home work, feeding, and if required, bedtime.

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Nanny shares

Nannysharing is where two families share a nanny. Good for all parties; it is more reasonable for the families and gives the nanny a greater return, plus the children have the social interaction that they may not have had otherwise.

Male nannies (Mannies)

Trained or not, male nannies can be great; particularly if yours is an all boy family who want to play football constantly.


Night nannies

Will come in and do the night shift with your baby or child, giving you a break. Night nannies can also cover when both parents are away/work at night.