Step 1

Using grey paint and a damp sponge, create the base of the camouflage pattern, smudging paint over the right eye and on both cheeks.


Step 2

With dark green paint and a thin brush, outline the second layer of camouflage using the image as a guide.

Make sure all colours are well spaced out by applying to the right side of the face first, then across the chin, over the left eye and finish off on the forehead.


Step 3

Using a thin brush and damp sponge, apply brown paint to the centre of the face and across the left cheek.

Remember - wavy lines and overlapping colours will make the face look more interesting.

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Finally, use black paint and a thin brush to fill in any remaining gaps.



An amazing piece of camouflage that is perfect face wear for any garden adventure.

For more fun face painting ideas, or to order their Camouflage Theme Pack (£4.99), visit Snazaroo.



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