If your child's dead set on dressing up as a spooky ghost this Halloween, we've got a dead simple way to top off their look with some adorably spooky face-paint. (Doing this also neatly avoids the need for any white sheets over the head – which can only ever be a bit of a accident waiting to happen on your average trick-or-treat outing.)


We've created an easy-to-follow step by step guides to show you how to paint the look: you can either watch our how-to video (above) or follow our photo steps (below).

Huge (spooky) hat tip to ace facepainter Laura Jones from our Top Testers Club: you can see her turning her son Harry's face all ghostly in our video guide.

If you haven't got a ghost costume already, we've some great suggestions in our Best Halloween costumes for babies, toddlers and children.

  • Planning a different Halloween look for your child? We've also got step-by-step face-painting guides for a witch, vampire, a scary pirate and – of course – a pumpkin.

Here's how to face-paint a ghost, step by step

What you'll need

  • Face paints in the following colours: white, green, black
  • Face-paint brush or make-up brush

Step 1

ghost face paint tutorial

Using your brush and white face paint, carefully outline the ghost shape, starting the ghost's neck between your child's brows and positioning the ghost's head mid-temple. Then fill in the outline, including your child's lips.

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Step 2

ghost face paint tutorial

Clean your brush. Then, using the green face paint, use the tip of your brush to paint 2 eyes in the middle of the ghost's head.

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Step 3

ghost face paint tutorial

Clean your brush again and, using the black paint, outline the ghost's body and eyes. Add eyebrows, pupils, a nose and an open mouth.

And then you're done!

Pics: Snazaroo, Video: Laura Jones. Video edit: Emily Longman Wall


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