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  • The best reusable nappies

    There's a growing trend towards reusable nappies as concerns about landfill continue to grow at the same rate as the rubbish piles up. Reusable nappies could save you money in the long run too, even with the laundry costs added in. But which resusables are best?

  • Finalist: Econobum

    The Econobum starter pack puts an end to nappy stock-up shopping trips. The set includes 24 nappies and six covers. Each nappy has a 3 by 3 popper system meaning each one can be four different sizes. £89.99

  • Finalist: Onelife

    This set includes five nappies and three covers, and also has adjustable poppers, making the nappies suitable from birth to potty. Made from super soft cotton. £56.99

  • Finalist: The pop-in V2 dream dri

    The pop-in also uses a multi-sized popper system making each nappy suitable from birth to potty. It also has stretchy tabs and gentle leg elastic. From £15

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  • Finalist: Kushies Ultra-lite nappy

    This reusable nappy doesn't need folding and you don't even need a nappy cover as each nappy has an attractive waterproof exterior. £10.99

  • Finalist: Mothercare Smart Nappy

    Soft and non-bulky fabric nappy, it has a patented cradle to keep the absorbant pad in place. The pads are either reusable or disposable so great for out and about if you don't want to carry used nappies around with you. From £9.99 for a trial pack

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  • Bronze Award: Bambino Mio

    Funky designs, quality materials, and easy to use. The nappy inserts into the cover, along with a biodegradable liner, and simply fastens around baby with Velcro tabs – as easy as a disposable. From £49.95 for a set
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  • Silver Award: Tots Bots Easyfit

    Tots Bots are made in its UK factory so not only are they easy to fit and usable from birth to potty, they help the local economy and reduce the carbon impact that importing from further afield would cause. £14.99
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  • Gold Award: bumGenius

    Simple to fit, ultra soft and quick to dry, these are good for the environment and comfy on your baby. From £8.75

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  • The best reusable trainer pant

    As with reusable nappies, reusable trainer pants are becoming more popular as concerns about landfill increase. Here's your pick of the bunch.

    Gold Award: Bambino Mio Training Pants

    These super absorbent pants allow toddlers to feel wet but prevent leakage onto clothes and as they’re washable you can use them over and over again. £4.95

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