The best Father's Day gifts ever, as suggested by you

Wondering what to buy your partner on behalf of your baby or child this Father's Day? In our gift guide, MadeForMums users tell us the best dad gift their other half has received

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  • Retro gifts

    Treat your partner to a gift from his childhood. Whether it's a favourite rusty racing car, a toy from one of fave childhood TV shows or a rare comic book, delve into his childhood memories.

    "I searched high and low for a rare figurine of Morph as I knew that my husband was a massive fan when he was a lad. When he opened it, his eyes welled up and I knew it was well worth the hassle finding it. It now takes pride on his desk at work!" says MFM user LisaB.

    "My other half has been crazy about cars ever since he was tiny. So I found a rare, antique car he'd been after for years. I got our boys to give it to him and he was delighted! It's also a nice thing to pass down to the children when they get older too," says MFM user Krissy.

  • Gifts for/from your baby

    Sometimes it's more powerful if your baby presents the gift to their dad. A bib saying how he feels - even if he isn't born yet - scores high in the cute stakes and will tug at those heart strings.

    "When I was pregnant, I bought my husband a few bibs saying, 'Mummy loves Daddy' and 'I love my Daddy'. I wrapped it up with a little card saying, 'love from bump'. He loved it and we still have it to this day - and my son is 4 now!" says MFM user Jennifer Dixon.

  • DIY craft gifts

    Homemade crafty gifts are low-cost, totally "bespoke" and fun for your children.

    "My children emptied the cupboards in the house and used every pencil, paint and glue stick they could get their hands on and made their dad an enormous card. They put pictures, personal drawings and handprints all over it and he loved it so much, we had it framed!" MFM user Simone77 tells us.

    "We spent hours working on a cardboard cut-out of my husband. We raided Sainsbury's for spare boxes and flattened them up. The children took turns in drawing his facial features and the end result was amazing!" says MFM user SylvieB.

  • Homemade food gifts

    As the old saying goes, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. While it's up to you to decide exactly how edible your child's cooking creation is, a homemade cake or treat is the quintessential Father's Day gift.

    "We made my partner a mult-layered cake using all his favourite sweet flavours! We had a double whammy of chocolate, chocolate buttons and marshmallows. It looked a mess, but the effort we put in was appreciated when he sat down and polished the lot with his cup of tea!" says MFM user Danni68.

    Or why not try making some red velvet cupcakes? We've got a delicious Annabel Karmel recipe for them right here

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  • Hobby gifts

    If your partner has a special hobby, treat him to a gift that indulges his passion.

    "I got my hubby a 'build your own guitar' course. He's guitar-mad and it was definitely the happiest I've ever seen him!" MFM user Planet Tots tells us.

    "My other half is boat-mad, so for Father's Day, I got him a huge boat making kit and he spent hours building and painting them. I think it made him feel relaxed and he's always really proud when he finishes one!" says MFM user ShellyH.

  • Personalised gifts

    Adding a personal element to a gift lets you combine the sentimental with the practical.

    "I got my husband a silver keyring with a personal engraved message and a very cute picture of him and the children. He loved it!" says MFM user Tricia Clar.

    "My partner got treated to some gorgeous cufflinks which had a picture of them [the children] on each side. They weren't too expensive but are priceless to us," shares MFM user Lorna Kidd.

    "I wanted to go all out and do something really personal and special, so I had our baby's handprint minimised and engraved on a set of silver cufflinks. He wears them when he goes on long work trips as it makes him feel closer to us," MFM user KJH tells us.

    “I had a teapot made with my children’s handprints on and matching mug. He loves it,” says MFM user Laura Ellen Head.

  • Photo gifts

    Photos are so treasured that basing a present around them makes perfect sense.

    "For Father's Day I put together an album of daddy and Eliza (my daughter) pictures, one for every month. It took loads of effort to fill it up as each month past, but I think that's why he loves it so much," says MFM user Vicki Hammond.