20 easy ways to shape up for summer

Get your post-baby body confidence back by slipping these nifty ideas into your daily routine

Try working out with your buggy!

1. Spice it up

Add cinnamon to your food whenever you get the chance. It helps you feel full for longer so you won’t want to snack. Try sprinkling it on your coffee or your morning porridge, or add a teaspoon or two when cooking curry.


2. Cut your salt

Salt makes your body retain water, so watch out for hidden salts in pre-prepared foods and avoid overdosing by sticking to the government’s recommended limit of 6g, or a level teaspoon, per day.

3 Bounce around

“I hate the gym, so I have one of those mini trampolines to bounce on.” Actress Liv Tyler, mum to Milo, 5, shares the secret to her pert mummy behind.

4. Start a jogging morning

Far fewer calories than a coffee morning, costs a lot less than the gym, and you can even take the older kids along with you. Find all the tips you need for beginners here www.runnersworld.co.uk

5. Get a pert pair

Slather on sweet-smelling Bosom Buddy firming cream for a soft, smooth and tight cleavage uplift ready for those summer frocks.

6. Turn off the TV

Research shows cutting your television viewing time in half over a period of three weeks helps you burn an extra 119 calories each day.

7. Go cordless

“Last year we bought a cordless phone and now whenever I’m using it, I walk around the house or garden. I talk so much that I reckon I clock up nearly a kilometre a day. So much better than slumping on the sofa while I have a natter.”

Angela Jones, 32, from Essex, mum to Katie, 4, and Tom, 2

8. Start swapping

“Change cooking oil for light sprays, sugar for sweetener, and calorie-laden salad dressings for fat-free vinaigrettes and see the pounds fly off!” says Dr Jacquie Lavin, head of nutrition and research for Slimming World.

9. Follow Trudie

She looks fabulous for a fifty-plusser who’s had four kids and now Trudie, aka Mrs Sting, has brought out a DVD Core Strength Pilates. If it makes us look as good as her…

10. Switch your cheese

If you like a bit of Cheddar in your sarnies, switch it for Edam, which contains 25 per cent less fat.

11. Keep track

“I find writing down what I’ve eaten throughout the day and sticking it to the fridge helps me monitor what I’ve had, and usually makes me realise I don’t need anything else to snack on!”

Ruth Adams, 33, from Dorset, mum to Harry, 3

12. Push it

Get out and about with your baby by using your pram to exercise.

13. Hula!

Such fun and so good for your waistline, the latest hula hoops have weights in them to guarantee a perfectly trim tum. Great fun to do in the garden, and apparently mum-of-two Michelle Obama’s a big fan

14. Clean

“A top-to-bottom clean is a great workout. Try wiping down all the cupboards at home and add lunges while pushing around the vacuum cleaner to tone your legs and bums. Get down and give the floors a good scrub to tone up your arms too. It really works.” Julia Bishop, fitness expert from the Simple Advisory Board.

15. Snack smart

If you’ve missed breakfast, don’t be tempted to fill up on unhealthy snacks. Instead carry around some of these Bear Granola Nibbles (£8.28 for 12 x 30g packets, from www.wearebear.co.uk), which are whole grains and fruit baked into crunchy granola nibbles – yum! And the best bit? They’re virtually fat free.

16. Skip it

Skipping is free and burns 160 calories in just 15 minutes. Davina McCall has a Deluxe Skipping Rope from her fitness collection at Argos for £4.99.

17. Camouflage

Brighten eyes and camouflage bits of face flab with the Confessions of a Concealaholic make-up set, £28.50 from Benefit (www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk). This genius pack includes a step-by-step guide to getting your slap spot on, so you really can’t go wrong this summer.

18. Eat early

Your mum might have banged on about it, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, and it’ll help your metabolism keep a steady rate to burn more calories.

19. Just be a mum

“I like to cook healthily for the kids and we don’t have sweets in the house any more. The exercise I get is running after the kids, trying to keep the house clean, cooking and doing the washing – it’s non-stop.” Singer Charlotte Church, 24, mum to Ruby, 2V, and Dexter, 1

20. Brush and scrub

“I recommend the Total Glow Self Tanning treatment from Elemis (£70, visit www.elemis.com for salons), because it begins with body brushing to kick-start circulation, which helps eliminate toxins and get rid of dead skin cells. This is followed by a full body scrub which removes all the dead skin cells which give that dry, chalky look. The result is silky-soft and smooth skin ready for a layer of fake tan.” Kathleen Granados, founder Pacifica Day Spas. www.pacificadayspa.co.uk


5 ways to burn 300 calories a day:

  • Show some leg power and walk fast for 52 minutes.
  • Take a 35-minute hike in the countryside, and then order a diet drink when you get to the pub.
  • Go for a 21-minute swim, doing front crawl at a fast pace. Don’t forget your goggles!
  • Tidy up your garden for 42 minutes. Raking, hoeing, mowing – it’s all good.
  • Learn to ballroom dance with your partner. A 1 hour 10 minute lesson is all you’ll need.Juliette Kellow, dietician.

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