5 baby sleep tips

Simple tips for getting him settled to sleep and keeping him safe


Feet first


Your baby will probably be in a Moses basket until he’s about 3 months old – but once he moves to a cot, make sure you put him down with his feet touching the bottom of it. Keep a blanket tucked firmly under his arms and down both sides of the mattress. If it’s a second-hand cot, make sure it meets current safety standards, and invest in a new mattress.

Stay warm – but not too hot

Try to keep the room temperature around 16˚C to 20˚C and make sure the cot is away from radiators. Never give your baby a hot water bottle or use an electric blanket. Do not use pillows, quilts or duvets until your baby is at least 1. All your baby needs is a nappy, vest and sleepsuit, with just one sheet and up to two blankets (don’t fold to double up layers). For more safe sleep info, see fsid.org.uk.

Develop a routine

At 3 months old, your baby can pick up on cues, and if you follow a regular routine, he’ll soon learn to anticipate what’s coming next. Try to keep his bedtime routine consistent – for example: bath, massage, story, sleep – it will help your baby wind down and settle.

Play some soothing music

Lullabies or calming classical music have a soothing effect on your baby’s mood and therefore help him to fall asleep.

Sweet scent


If your baby is older than 3 months, he may find lavender soothing. Massage him using a safe oil such as Neal’s Yard Baby Massage Oil, £6.90 for 50ml, from Boots, which contains lavender and rose oils. Try putting a lavender-scented sachet under your own pillow, too. It should help you drift back to sleep after those late night/early morning feeds.


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