Baby bedtime tips

Baby just not sleeping? Mums and experts share their tried-and-tested tips to help both you and your little one enjoy an easier night


Chill with colour

“The shade of your nursery can really have an effect, so go for yellows and light greens to encourage relaxation. Soft blues and purples can also work well, but subtleness is key so inject darker colour with hints of brighter yellows or greens to ensure the effect is soothing but also fun and stimulating for your baby during the day.”


Judy Smith, colour consultant from Crown Paints.

Getting your baby to sleep is just the first hurdle – you then have to teach him how to stay that way!

Have a set bedtime

“Give your baby a consistent time for bed in the evening, so his brain is trained to switch into a drowsy state at around the same time each night. Equally important, from three months onwards, make sure he has a regular sleep space so he learns to associate bedtime with a certain place in the house.”

Megan Faure, author of Sleep Sense.


Make night-time quiet time

“Set a clear difference between day and night to help your baby’s body clock develop. He needs to learn that night is quiet, dark and calm and not a time for interacting with others. Keep the light levels low and the atmosphere quiet and calm in the lead-up to bedtime.”

Professor Gregory Stores, sleep expert on the Pampers Parenting Panel.

Always stay with your baby when he’s in the bath. You’re the most important safety feature your baby can have!

Run a bath

“Our bedtime routine for Emilia starts with a calming bath with Johnson’s Bedtime Bath, which she absolutely loves. The scent and softness really seem to calm her and she adores the bubbles. She now seems to associate it with bedtime and we really wouldn’t do without it.”

Charlotte Steadman, 27, from Cornwall, mum to Maisie, 2, and Emilia, 6 months


Burn some oils

“Try using calming and balancing oils such as lavender, chamomile or mandarin in a burner to create a relaxing mood in your baby’s bedroom. Light the burner with your chosen oil as you begin your baby’s bedtime routine or perhaps before his bath, so the scent will fill the room ready for when you put him down to ease any restlessness.”


Lisa Barnwell from Me & My Baby Therapy Rooms & Clinic.

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