Best age to have cleverer, healthier children?

Research shows older mums could have positive developmental benefits


Are you over 40 and a new mum? Research shows your children could be healthier and more intelligent than the children of younger mums!


A study, carried out by The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, has found that, from a young age, the offspring of mums over 40 have wider vocabularies and higher IQs. After looking at almost 40,000 children in Britain, they also found that the children of older mums are less likely to have accidents or trips to hospital.

Although older mums may find it harder to conceive and have higher risks of conditions like gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia, the number of women waiting until they are older to have children is increasing yearly. Their babies also have an increased risk of downs syndrome and prematurity, so older mums will be glad to see that there are some positives to starting a family in your 40s.


‘Older mothers may be less impulsive, calmer and have more life experience,’ says Dr Sutcliffe, who worked on the study. ‘The evidence suggests that when the enormous difficulties of pregnancy and birth are over, they can make better mothers.’ 

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