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Skin conditions which might benefit from medical care affect around 22.5-33% of the population at any one time,[1] and 76% of GPs reported that they see patients at least once a day, suffering from skin conditions such as eczema, ichthyosis and psoriasis. Of these, 91% ranked emollient cream as a treatment they would most commonly prescribe. With the prevalence of skin problems in the UK, a simple step such as applying a non-aggressive emollient cream could improve the skin condition of thousands of children and adults.

One such emollient, available on prescription or over the counter, is Dexeryl® cream: it is SLS, lanolin and fragrance-free, hydrating, preventing dryness and restoring the skin’s barrier. Bao-Tam Phan, Pharmacist at Pierre Fabre Dermatologie, the manufacturers of Dexeryl® cream comments, “The combination of glycerol (which helps to keep the skin moisturised), white soft paraffin and liquid paraffin in Dexeryl® cream offers a highly acceptable non-sticky and non-greasy formulation, which patients in our trials significantly prefer.” The skin is left smoother and soothed from itchiness.

After four weeks of double-blind treatment, the efficacy of treatment with Dexeryl® cream was considered to be satisfying in 78% of patients, whereas the efficacy of the treatment with the vehicle was considered to be satisfying in just one half of patients.[2]

Dexeryl® cream is available over the counter in pharmacies nationwide priced at £1.99/50g and £5.99/250g and is presented in handy portable tubes. Ask your GP to prescribe the 250g or simply purchase either size directly from your pharmacist. For any enquiries, please call 01582 820165.

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[2] Efficacy and safety of DEXERYL® cream in the symptomatic treatment of ichthyosis in children – an international, multicentric, randomised, controlled double blind study, in parallel groups DEXERYL® cream versus vehicle. This study concerned 231 patients (ITT population), 4 patients were removed from the study prematurely and 30 patients excluded from the analysis (for major deviations from the protocol)

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