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Jo Tantum – Sleep

Leading UK baby sleep expert and best-selling author Jo Tantum is Prima Baby’s very own baby sleep expert. She has helped hundreds of families achieve peaceful nights and wrote the acclaimed bestseller ‘Baby Secrets’.


Jo’s pioneering technique, ‘spaced soothing’, is a failsafe method that teaches babies with sleeping problems to enjoy their sleep and empowers parents to understand their babies better and use the techniques themselves to put their lives back in control.

As a sleep specialist, Jo has developed and constantly honed her techniques by studying hundreds of babies’ sleeping patterns for many years. She is the author of the bestselling book, Baby Secrets.

For Baby Sleep advice, speak with Jo Tantum on 0906 194 9903 (£1.50/min)


“Jo was extremely helpful and practical. She has given me simple instructions, which are working already. I am very grateful! Thank you Jo!” Sam

“We have spoken to Jo on three occasions over eighteen months and we have found her advice to be extremely practical and it has resolved fully the sleep issues we have had with our little ones which is pretty invaluable with two under two years old!! Had no hesitation in recommending Jo to all of our friends in the same position.” Paul


“A big thank you to Jo for her help in getting our little girl to sleep better. Natasha wasn’t sleeping well at all and by 10 months I realised we needed help and a change of strategy (well a strategy other than just giving her milk so we could all get back to sleep). We were all exhausted. Jo’s spaced soothing technique worked brilliantly. We cut out the milk straight away and it took 11 nights before Natasha first slept through 7pm-7am completely. Those 11 nights weren’t even very difficult; it was a quick upward curve. Now Natasha is sleeping really well and we are all delighted!” Rachel

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