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Summer sun means sandals - so get your feet looking their best


They may have been under wraps for most of the year, but the chances are you’ll want to slip your feet into something more strappy now the sun is out. But if you’ve been neglecting your tootsies since the winter socks and boots came out last year, you could be in for a bit of a shock. Calluses, overgrown cuticles and rough skin are just a few of the problems you may need to contend with before you feel ready for fullon foot exposure. But with these great tips and tricks, you’ll soon be putting your best foot forward.


Five steps to super-soft feet

The skin on the sole of the foot needs to be strong enough to take a lot of pressure – the average person walks about 10,000 steps a day. That’s why it’s the thickest skin you’ll find anywhere on the body. But sometimes it can get a bit too thick and looks unsightly. Here’s how to banish hard, dry skin…

1.Use a foot file or pumice, such as the Elite Double Sides Pedicure File, £2.49 (from Superdrug, 0871 420 7496). Once you’ve got your feet smooth, cut back to two or three filing sessions a week to maintain results. ‘Make sure you only file when your feet are dry so there’s less danger of scrubbing too hard and damaging the skin,’ says L’Occitane’s beauty expert, Nichola Joss.

2.Try to avoid walking bare-foot, as this encourages skin to thicken on the soles. ‘It’s the foot’s way of creating protection,’ says Nichola. ‘Instead, wear socks or slippers.’

3.Give yourself a footbath two or three times a week for at least ten minutes. Soften the water with a product such as Perfect Potion Running Wild Foot Soak, £9.95 for 180g (01242 602977), which is packed with essential oils and salts to soothe and soften. A dollop of skin-softening shower cream will do the trick, too. Try Sanex Dermo Intensive Shower Cream With Vitamin E, from £1.79 for 250ml (available nationwide).

4.Follow up with an exfoliating treatment such as Avon Footworks Pedi-Brasion Intensiv Peeling Crème, £4.50 for 75ml (0845 601 4040). Apply to dry feet, leave for 60 seconds, massage in then rinse.

5.Apply a foot cream every night to keep feet hydrated. L’Occitane Dry Skin Foot Cream, £15.50 for 150ml (020 7907 0301) has arnica and lavender oils to relax feet, and shea butter to soften.


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