Messy eaters gallery

We asked MadeForMum readers to send us their messiest weaning pictures. Here's our pick of the best


Happy eater

This little lad clearly enjoyed his first taste of carrot…


Photo by Lucy Fletcher


Look, no hands!

Little Eddie will stop at nothing to finish every last scrap of custard.

Photo by Galina Varese


Is it bath time yet?

How can one piece of chocolate cake make so much mess?!

Photo by Denise Susan Nicholls


Look, I’m feeding myself!

According to his mum, this is Fred on a clean day…

Photo by Carrie Smith


Good coverage!

No prizes for guessing what seven-month-old Harry has been eating!

Photo by Leah Eaton


Suck it and see

Holly manages the impressive feat of sucking a bourbon biscuit through a weaning bag.

Photo by Sam Roberts


Twice as nice

Ivy and Lily’s mum has double trouble at mealtimes – or at least when she’s cleaning up afterwards.

Photo by Hannah Roussel


Italian style

Baby Jonathan demonstrates the advanced art of twirling his spaghetti round a weaning spoon.

Photo by Sarah


When cupcakes attack

Two-year-old Maggie demonstrates the necessity of carrying baby wipes at all times.

Photo by Vicky Diddams


Mess? What mess?

Eight-month-old Macauley looks like butter wouldn’t melt… Chocolate, however, clearly does!


Photo by Frances Haines

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