Study finds babies react to arguments while asleep

Exposure to moderate stresses and arguments could have an impact on the way in which a baby's brain functions in later years


If you wait until your baby’s asleep to express your true feelings with your partner, you may have to find a different way to vent your frustrations, as a new study reveals that babies react to arguments even when they are asleep.


According to a study from the University of Oregon hearing the sounds of arguments affects how a baby’s brain processes emotional tones of a voice, reports RedOrbit.

The study looked at 25 infants ranging in age from 6 to 12 months and discovered that babies’ brains lit up in response to angry tones even when they were asleep.

The research highlighted that babies’ minds are extremely malleable, that the environments and events that they experience shape their brain and that even moderate stress can affect brain function.

“We were interested in whether a common source of early stress in children’s lives – conflict between parents – is associated with how infants’ brains function,” said lead study author Alice Graham.

“Even during sleep, infants showed distinct patterns of brain activity depending on the emotional tone of voice we presented,’’ she explained.


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