Take your baby swimming

Nervous about taking your baby swimming for the first time? Here's how to get started.


Former world swimming champion and co-founder of the Baby Swim Foundation Karen Pickering advises how to get swimming with your baby.

  1. Go as soon as you’re happy to do so: you don’t have to wait until your baby’s had his immunisations. You may have to wait until you’ve had your six-week check-up, though.
  2. Avoid peak hours at the swimming pool, if possible. Feed your baby at least an hour beforehand.
  3. Ask about the pool temperature before you go swimming with your newborn – it should be at least 30degC.
  4. It’s best if you get in first, then someone passes your baby to you. Ask a staff member to help out if you are on your own.
  5. Hold your baby close, keep eye contact and talk reassuringly to him or sing a song. Bouncing your baby up and down in the water is a great way to get him used to it.
  6. Don’t stay in the water for too long during the early days. Ten minutes will be enough on your first swimming trip.
  7. Don’t give up if your baby appears not to like the water first time round. The sounds, smells and tastes are all new and it takes some babies a while to get used to all the new experiences. 

To find your nearest baby swim class, visit babyswimfoundation.co.uk

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