The Gemini baby

Find out about a child born under the sign of the twins, 22 May to 21 June...


Gemini: 22 May to 21 June

Gemini babies are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, and love to connect with people. They’ll enjoy it if you chat about what’s going on and they’ll soon be ‘talking’ back at you. Geminis are good mimics, so if you want them to behave in a certain way then set an example. Little Geminis like being showered with attention. However, they can be easily distracted, too, so keep activities to a minimum at mealtimes and bedtime.


Gemini babies love: Mobiles, peekaboo games, going out in the pushchair – anything that keeps them entertained and happy.

Gemini babies loathe: Being bored and cooped up; being made to eat when they’re not hungry.


What parents should know: There can be times when you’d rather stay at home than go to your mum and baby group. But try to make the effort as your sociable Gemini baby will love the company.

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