The Sagittarius baby

Find out about a child born under the sign of the centaur archer,23 November to 21 December...


Sagittarius: 23 November to 21 December

Sagittarian babies are easy-going and full of energy. They have a thirst for knowledge and love exploring and discovering new things. They need lots of stimulation to keep them occupied and have a definite mischievous streak – they will do almost anything to attract your attention!


Sagittarian babies love: Socialising – they make friends easily and love being in the limelight.

Sagittarian babies hate: Sitting quietly and contemplating! But encourage them to read and do puzzles and they will relish the challenge.


What parents should know: Little Sagittarians are always on the move and can sometimes get overtired, which can lead to temper tantrums. Supervise their play and give them careful directions when you think they need guidance. Their fertile minds are just trying to absorb as much as possible about the big wide world.

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