Use outward facing baby carriers more, says scientist

Carry your tot upright and forward facing for a more confident baby, new book claims


Parents should carry their babies upright instead of pushing them in prams because it aids development, according to a leading academic.


A child held facing forward is encouraged to be more curious and self-assured, claims Pulitzer Prize winning-author Jared Diamond, reports The Telegraph.

In his new book, The World Until Yesterday, the US author suggests Western parents could learn a great deal from child-rearing techniques used in more traditional societies, including tribes on the Amazon and in Africa, who carry their babies around.

Keeping baby at chest height and facing outwards where it can interact with the world could leave them more “emotionally secure, self confident, curious and autonomous”.

“We moderns can learn from what worked well for such a long time. It’s only relatively recently that some of these traditional child-rearing practices became unfashionable. I suggest that it’s time to consider some of them seriously again.”


Did you use a sling or carrier for your little one? 

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