What to do when your baby goes into meltdown

Discover the staying sane strategies for that dreaded time of day in the late afternoon known as 'witching hour'…

There are a variety of reasons bottlefeeding may work best for you and your baby, even if you’d always planned on breastfeeding.

Mums’ stories

“Bathtime is calming”


“3pm onwards is wind-down time for Ryan. He has his bottle, followed by a nap. Then it’s tea and bath, which instantly calms him. I get him ready for bed and let him have a swing in his chair while I make tea. Then it’s a feed and bed. It’s just a prolonged bedtime routine, but it works a treat.”

Ami Faber, 31, from Dorset, mum to Sophie, 8, and Ryan, 6 months

“I used a Bottle”

“From about 2 months old, Abigail would fall asleep during her 7pm breastfeed. I’d put her in her cot, but she’d wake up and refuse to settle, and feeding her again didn’t make any difference. One night, I gave her a bottle instead. She didn’t fall asleep feeding and went to bed and settled quite happily.”

Gemma Hinton, 28, from Leeds, mum to Madeleine, 3, and Abigail, 5 months

Try this…


From 3 months, try diffusing Chamomile Roman (£11.25 for 5ml,), an essential oil perfect for babies, into his room. Place a drop in a pint of hot water in a heatproof bowl 15 minutes before you settle him down to bed.

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