Why lullabies are good for babies

Do you know the words to Rock-a-bye baby? Traditional lullabies are dying out.


Research seems to indicate that traditional lullabies are dying out as they are no longer being passed down by mums through the generations.


While 87% of over 65s knew the words to Rock-a-bye baby, only 57% of 18-24 year olds could sing the whole rhyme, according to a survey by Jakemans menthol throat and cough sweets.

Lullabies are not just an age-old English tradition, but they are also a powerful way of helping your child’s development. Singing to your baby or child helps strengthen the bond between you as well as helping with speech and comprehension.

Celebrity voice coach Zoe Tyler says, ‘Singing lullabies to your children, particularly from an early age, not only lulls them to sleep but helps build their confidence by knowing their primary carer is near by.


‘The frequent repetition and rhyme also aids their speech and language – repeating the same patterns reinforces the sound recognition.’

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