Your baby at 4 weeks

He’s starting to show a little more of his personality now. He’s settling into a routine, awake for longer periods and more alert, so you can have fun with him!


What’s happening with your baby?

What self-control! He’s gradually gaining more control over his body this week. You may notice his movements are less jerky – and he loves to kick his legs. He can move his head from side to side and if you talk to him from the other side of the room, he can turn to look for you.


I’m calling you: Amazingly he is starting to learn that he can make sounds that get your attention. When he cries or calls out, you come running. Wow! What power!

How you can help your baby this week

A different view: Maybe he’s bored of staring at the ceiling (well, wouldn’t you be?)  so try propping him up safely with cushions or popping him in a bouncy baby chair so he gets a different perspective on just where life has landed him!

Tummy time: If you place him on his tummy for a little while every day, then attract his attention by calling his name or holding a toy next to him, he will try lifting his head up to look. This will help strengthen his neck and back muscles.

Your baby’s health

First cut: His nails grow quickly, so to ensure he doesn’t scratch his face with his flaying hands, use a special baby nail scissors to trim his fingernails, taking special care not to cut his skin. Be sneaky and try it when he’s asleep!

Baby dandruff: Lots of babies have cradle cap – thick, scaly skin on their scalps. Don’t be tempted to pick at it, you’ll make his head sore. It will go away on its own, eventually, or see your GP for special oils to loosen the build up.

Play ideas for your baby

Silly mummy! The great news is, you can be as daft as a brush when you talk to your baby. Make silly faces, and exaggerate your mouth movements when you talk. Your baby will love the attention – and by watching your lips he’s learning what he will have to do when he gets around to babbling himself.


Bath splash: Gently trickling water over your baby’s toes and fingers in the bath while singing songs or nursery rhymes will delight him and awaken his senses.

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