Now, this might be one of the most curious news stories we've read in recent months here at MFM HQ.


Home retailer giant IKEA has produced an ad that also doubles as a pregnancy test ?

Using technology similar to that of a regular pregnancy test, which detects hCG levels in urine, peeing on the ad (which can be found in Swedish women's mag Amelia) will reveal store discounts on family items if it's positive.

So, if you didn't know you were expecting, and the ad does reveal the discount, you might in for quite the surprise ?

Mind, it's unlikely anyone would use it as an actual pregnancy test, we'd guess. But as a PR stunt, the ad's served it's purpose more than brilliantly - making the headlines and causing quite a stir on social media.

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"Sure, there are lots of ads you'd love to pee on. But in this case, IKEA actually wants you to do it," said one Tweeter.

Another quipped: "Has no one at IKEA seen pregnant women before? They're pretty easy to spot without having them pee all over everything."


First off, before you call anyone you know who works at IKEA and tell them to quit before they get accosted with a gazillion pee-soaked vouchers - the idea isn't that you take the actual paper along to the store to nab your discount.

Instead, you're meant to wee on the designated area (yep, just try that ?) to reveal a reminder that you can get a discount of family items by joining the store's membership club.

Secondly, it's currently only available in Sweden as far as we can see. But bearing in mind how successful it's been, we reckon it could well be winging itself over here soon ?

Image: IKEA / Åkestam Holst

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