5 of the most bizarre places to give birth

You may have the perfect birth plan, but sometimes babies decide to be born in the most unusual or unsuitable of places!


Mum-to-be gives birth at 24,000 feet

A mum-to-be gave birth on a plane, 24,000 feet in the air. A doctor and nurse were both on the flight, and they helped deliver the baby girl whilst flying over Bolivia.


The little girl has been named after the airline, and given free flights until she’s 21, plus a scholarship through senior school at a Bolivian Air Force school.

Check out the full story to find out the baby girl’s name…


Baby born in hotel lobby – with the bellboy’s help

Of all the perks one can get in life, free hotel stays for life in a lush Dubai establishment isn’t to be sniffed at!

The mum-to-be had started to make her way down from her hotel room on the 17th floor after she went into labour. While she was aiming for the hospital, her baby was born in the hotel lobby. Yes, the ever-attentive bellboy didn’t let the hotel guest down!

For more details on the hotel lobby labour, see our full story.


Baby born in KFC car park

After speed bumps on the drive to hospital made mum-to-be Georgia’s labour pick up pace, dad Paul was forced to pull over. A KFC car park became the couple’s impromptu labour ward, and Georgia gave birth on the front seat of the BMW.

After the labour in the hotel lobby landed the baby with free hotel stays for life, we’re wondering if there’s a bottomless bargain bucket on the horizon here?


Baby born on CCTV

While some pregnant women and proud dads-to-be take a camcorder to hospital to capture every labour pain and groan, one mum-to-be and her husband had it done for them – on a hospital’s CCTV!

Caroline and her husband rushed to hospital, but as Caroline entered the maternity unit, her baby couldn’t wait, and she couldn’t make it any further than the entrance. Every time the she pushed, the automatic doors opened, and Caroline’s baby was born in the foyer, next to the water cooler.

To hear what mum Caroline had to say about the CCTV footage of her birth, check out our full news report.


Mum gives birth in Boots

In January 2010, Liverpool’s Chantelle Southern went out for a pint of milk and came back with a baby.

Chantelle’s waters broke near Iceland, and three security guards helped her into a nearby Boots, thinking it would be the most suitable place in the shopping centre.

The mum-to-be gave birth to her son in a Boots’ patient cubicle, with the help of a security guard and two off-duty nurses.


For more on the unexpected shopping centre labour – and to hear what Chantelle’s partner did when he arrived – head to our earlier news report.

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