David Beckham in the making!

At 18-months-old, one little boy from has been signed up by a football club after his talent was spotted in a video on YouTube!

This toddler's invention was inspired by these TV favourites

Tiny inventor

When little Sam Houghton invented a Wallace and Gromit inspired masterpiece, it was dubbed ‘one of the most inspiring inventions of the last 10 years!’

Signed to a football club - and not even turned 2!

Top of the Popettes

Giving Britney and Adele a run for their money – a 3-year-old in India has released her own album!

What's your IQ?

Anyone for MENSA?

Little Saffron Pledger wowed her parents with her amazing IQ – she’s almost as intelligent as the famous Carol Vorderman!


Mini van Gough

This little artist has created a masterpiece painting – can you guess how much it’s worth?

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