Boy allergic to sunshine gets ray of hope

Schoolboy, 8, with rare allergy to sunlight, is now able to play in his own home thanks to special new windows


A schoolboy, whose rare allergy to sunlight meant he couldn’t even play freely in his own home, has been given the freedom to play with the curtains open thanks to special light filtering new windows, the Daily Mail reports.
A Salford window fitting company has come to the rescue of James Creag, 8, who suffers with severe Erythropoietic Protoporphyria (EPP), which makes his skin swell if he comes into contact with sunlight. EPP is a rare condition that affects one in 300,000 people. Both of James’ parents, Claire, 30 and Daniel, 32, are carriers.


James’ EPP attacks can last up to seven days and he can be left in a lot of pain. James combats the condition by covering his skin in cream, taking tablets and covering up as much as possible when outside. But even inside light could trigger a reaction.

Hearing about his plight, James’ local housing trust donated specialist filtered windows in his home so he can play without the curtains closed. Mum Claire said the house is now “bright and lovely.”

Housing officer Jill Swann-Hunter said, “It’s great that we have been able to do something so simple that has made such a big difference.”


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