Bugaboo Bee Plus refit explained

Bugaboo says problem with buggy’s wheels was fixed months ago


Issues with the Bugaboo Bee Plus’ wheels, that meant the buggies could potentially have tipped over, were fixed months ago, says Bugaboo representative. After fears emerged over the safety of the wheels the plastic bearings were swapped to metal bearings to “remove any potential for tip-over”.


Sales of the buggy stopped immediately when concerns first arose but “Bugaboos are back on sale in most places” a representative for the company told MFM. The “product refit was actually a couple of months ago”.

Replacement wheels were sent out free to those who had bought and registered their Bugaboo Bee Plus in the past year. Those who were experiencing “shuddering” from the front wheels were advised to lock the wheels, until the plastic bearings were swapped for the “tried and tested” metal version.

The original metal bearings had first been replaced back in 2010 with plastic ones, in an attempt to fix the shimmying wheels that some parents said affected the driving experience. But after further tests by an independent expert concluded that the stroller, which is described as being nimble, easy and compact, is safer with  the metal bearings.


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