David Beckham embarrasses his children with new H&M ‘pants’ ad

Why Dad stripping to his underwear makes Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper Beckham cringe


He may be a world-renowned footballer and adored by mums everywhere, but even David Beckham can have his moments and embarrass his children.


Starring in a new television advert for H&M’s Spring 2013 campaign, the Paris-Saint Germain mid fielder shows off his body wearing nothing more than a tiny pair of pants… much to his children’s dismay.

In the video, directed by Guy Ritchie, David is waving his children off to school in his dressing gown – only for it to get caught in the car door as they’re driven away.

The 37-year-old then races through the gardens of Beverly Hills after the car, when he loses his vest and is left sprinting in only his boxers. Oh dear!

“The boys are pretty embarrassed about it, said David, reports The Daily Mail.

“They’re kids, so they said, ‘Oh my God daddy, not again. That’s really good, but everyone’s going to see you in your pants’.”

David, who is dad to Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 10, Cruz, 7, and 19-month-old Harper, is every inch the family man and is always spotted taking his children to basketball games or treating them to gifts.

If you fancy seeing how David, and that body, made his children cringe, take a cheeky look at the video here.

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