Davina McCall: Why I planned 3 September babies

Davina's Desert Island Discs confession is VERY interesting indeed...


September must be an expensive month in Davina’s house.


All 3 of legendary TV presenter Davina McCall’s kids were born in the same month – and not by accident.

The star told Desert Island Discs that she planned for her babies to have such close birthdays – so as not to affect her position as the host of Big Brother, which typically finishes its TV run at the end of summer.

She admitted:

“I love Big Brother so much and the idea of someone else presenting it was ‘over my dead body’ so I said to Matthew [her husband]: ‘We are not trying for a baby until after December’ – so there we are, 3 birthdays in September.”

Of course, it goes without saying that Davina’s very lucky she was able to plan her pregnancy and have that plan (seemingly) go off without a hitch or any delays.

But generally speaking, we are totally interested in her line of thinking here.

The thought of planning a pregnancy around X Y or Z in your life is something we reckon loads of us must have thought (or dreamed) about at some point or another.

Maybe you want your child to have a birthday in the summer (to avoid a Christmas birthday) – or perhaps you want them to be the oldest in their year at school.

Perhaps, like Davina, there’s a big work project you’d rather work around.

Davina – who shares kids Holly, 15, Tilly, 13, and 10-year-old Chester with husband Matthew Robertson – also opened up about her difficult childhood, and the pressure she put on herself to be a ‘perfect’ mum as a result.

“I was constantly just trying to be perfect, I was so uptight.

“I thought I was being relaxed but I was desperate not to repeat the same mistakes. I was trying to be everything and you can’t. I had to let go of the reins a bit.”

Speaking of her life with her mum, Florence, she said:

“My first recollection was that she would just forget me. When I was about 8 or 9 I nearly downed, I was hit on the head in the sea by a little boat.

“I choked and a woman saw it and waded out to me and lifted me out and hugged me. I remember standing on the beach and thinking, ‘Should I tell Mummy?’ and then thought there is no point because she won’t mother me.”


What do you think?

Did you want to plan your pregnancies like Davina did – and if so, why? Or perhaps you’re more likely to go with the flow and take things as they come?

We’d love to know your thoughts either way – let us know on Facebook!

Images: Instagram/Davina McCall

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