Easter crawling competitions – the new Easter Egg Hunt?

Popular Asia-wide baby crawling events see babies race for a prize while parents egg them on (sorry!) and the craze is spreading


‘Babies’, ‘racing’ and ‘prize’ very rarely pop up in the same sentence, but quirky baby crawling competitions popular across Asia seems to be catching on.


Mums and dads dress their babies up, currently the Easter theme seems to be holding strong, and set them on a path to crawl their way to victory. What the training schedule is for these events we daren’t wonder!

The message from the events doesn’t quite seem to be ‘It’s the taking part that counts’. Parents stand at the end of the make-shift track waving toys and playing their child’s favourite music to ensure they don’t crawl away from the finishing line.

And it’s not just speed that matters either, with babies (or more accurately their parents!) competing for the award of ‘cutest outfit’, too.

After an Easter Egg Hunt was cancelled in America due to parents being too aggressive, it’s perhaps unsurprising that this event, which has been popular in Hong Kong for 20 years, has made it’s way to New York and Oklahoma.

We wonder if it’ll catch on here?


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